Sku' du spørg' fra no'en?

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Denmark "Sku' du spørg' fra no'en?"
Eurovision Song Contest 1985 entry
Kirsten Siggaard,
Søren Bundgaard
Søren Bundgaard
Keld Heick
Wolfgang Käfer
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Det' lige det" (1984)   
"Du er fuld af løgn" (1986) ►

"Sku' du spørg' fra no'en?" ("What business is it of yours?") was the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1985, performed in Danish by Hot Eyes.[1]

The song was performed fourth on the night, following Cyprus' Lia Vissi with "To Katalava Arga" and preceding Spain's Paloma San Basilio with "La fiesta terminó". At the close of voting, it had received 41 points, placing 11th in a field of 19.[1]

The song is a duet in which both singers describe a chance encounter in a nightclub. They desperately try to remember the identity of the person they have seen, before realising that they used to play together as children.

The performance is also memorable for the appearance of vocalist Søren Bundgaard's 9-year-old daughter Lea onstage to provide vocals during the song. This is an act unlikely to be repeated in the Contest nowadays, as the rules since 1990 stipulate that every performer must turn 16 or older in the year of the relevant Contest.

It was succeeded as Danish representative at the 1986 Contest by Lise Haavik with "Du er fuld af løgn".[2]


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