Slashers (slamball team)

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Team historyColors until 2008 were maroon and aqua.
Based inLos Angeles, California  United States
ColorsWhite, red          
Head coachKevin Stapleton

The Slashers are one of six teams currently competing in SlamBall.


The Slashers and 3 others joined the Rumble and Mob in the first ever Slamball season, they failed to make the playoffs but in 2003 Season they made it to the championship game against the Riders, where they lost 66–60. When Slamball returned in 2008 the Slashers changed their colors from Maroon and Aqua to White and Red; that season they finished with a 7–5 record and beat the Rumble 48–46 to win their first championship. This made them the first team to compete in back-to-back championship games.


Year Record Post season Coach Place
2002 2–7 Did not make Playoffs Kevin Stapleton 6th place
2003 6–4 W vs. Rumble L vs. Riders Kevin Stapleton 2nd place
2008 7–5 W vs. Mob W vs. Rumble Kevin Stapleton 1st place
Total 15–16 3–1


Head Coaches[edit]

Coach Record Post season Seasons
Kevin Stapleton 15–16 3–1 3

Current Roster[edit]

Slashers Roster
  • 12 Corey Beezhold
  • 5 Damien Speranza
  • 18 Ramone Moon


  • 15 Scott Campbell
  • 4 Tarron Williams
  • 1 Brandon Harrison
  • 21 Sheggy Obebe


  • 69 Adam Hooker
  • 23 DeAndre Fason


During season 6 of One Tree Hill there was a five episode storyline where Nathan plays SlamBall for the Slashers.