Slieve Miskish Mountains

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Slieve Miskish Mountains
Slieve Miskish, Copper Mines - - 12891.jpg
Highest point
Peak Knockoura
Elevation 490 m (1,610 ft)
Coordinates 51°40′N 9°57′W / 51.667°N 9.950°W / 51.667; -9.950Coordinates: 51°40′N 9°57′W / 51.667°N 9.950°W / 51.667; -9.950
Country Republic of Ireland
Provinces of Ireland Munster

The Slieve Miskish Mountains are a small range of low sandstone mountains found at the extreme south-western tip of the Beara Peninsula of County Cork in Ireland. The name derives from the Irish "Sliabh Mioscais," "the Mountains of Malice." Unlike the Caha Mountains, which lie further north on the peninsula, the Slieve Miskish Mountains lie entirely on the Cork side of the peninsula, part of which belongs to County Kerry. There are only four named mountain peaks in the range: Knocknagallaun, 376 m; Knockgour, 481 m; Knockoura, 490 m; and Miskish Mountain, 386 m. They overshadow the main town on the peninsula, Castletownbere, as well as the village of Allihies on their western slope, which was once the centre of a thriving copper mining industry in the 19th century. The now-abandoned mines and surrounding buildings can still be seen on the mountain slopes above Allihies.

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