Slomljena Stakla

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Slomljena Stakla
Slomljena Stakla 1984.jpeg
Slomljena Stakla in 1984
Background information
Origin Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia
Genres Pop rock, New Romantic, rock
Years active 1982 – 1991
Labels ZKP RTLJ, Jugoton, PGP-RTB, Jugodisk
Associated acts Divlji Anđeli, Pasta ZZ, Kerber
Past members Zoran Vasilić
Aleksandar Živanović
Milan Stanković
Dragan Zarić
Mladen Lukač
Dragan Petrović
Vladan Vasiljević
Ivan Ranković
Milorad Džmerković
Andreja Paunović

Slomljena Stakla (Serbian Cyrillic: Сломљена Стакла; trans. Broken Glass) was a former Yugoslav pop rock band from Belgrade.


The band was formed in 1982 by singer and composer Zoran Vasilić. Other members were Mladen Lukač (drums), Milan Stanković "Mika",(keyboards), Dragan Zarić "Zare" (a former Kvazar member, guitar), and Aleksandar Živanović (a former Kota 19, Afera, Divlji Anđeli, Desert and Šamar member, bass guitar).

Their debut album, Psiho klub (Psycho Club), produced by Srđan Marjanović, was released in 1983 through ZKP RTLJ.[1] The album featured Vuk Vujačić on saxophone and Zoran Radetić on keyboards, as guest musicians. Backing vocals were sung by Snežana Stamenković and Marjanović.[2] The album featured the hit "Još jedna votka" ("Another Vodka"). After the album release, Milan Stanković left the band and Dragan Petrović (former member of Pasta ZZ and Crni Baron) replaced him.

In the autumn of 1984, after a large number of concerts, the band released the album Ljubav je kad... (Love Is When...), produced by Saša Habić, through Jugoton.[3] The songs, heavily influenced by the New Romantic movement, were written by Zarić and Vasilić.[4] The album featured the hits "Una", "Monsunski vetrovi" ("Monsoons"), "Leto je, devojko" ("It Is Summer, Girl"), the title track, and the instrumental track "Senke u noći" ("Shadows in the Night"). Soon after the album was released, the band was joined by the new bass guitarist, Vladan Vasiljević, and the new drummer, Ivan Ranković.

The album Samo ljubav može to (Only Love Can Do That), released in 1988 through PGP-RTB, featured folk music elements in some of the songs. The album was recorded by Vasilić, Petrović and Milorad Džmerković (keyboards), and also featured former S Vremena Na Vreme members Ljuba Ninković and Asim Sarvan on backing vocals, Dejan Škopelja on bass guitar, and Safet Petrovac "Saja" on guitar.

In 1991, Vasilić and Petrović, with a group of musicians, recorded the album Samo za tebe (Only for You), released through Jugodisk. The album featured rerecorded "Još jedna votka", entitled "Još jedna votka, još jedno pivo" ("Another Vodka, Another Beer"), and hits "Sledi me" ("Follow Me") and "Ivana", the latter written by Boris Novković. The album was produced by Vasilić and Duda Bezuha, who also played the guitar, and featured, as guests, Snežana Ristić on vocals and Milan Komnenić on keyboards. After the album release, Slomljena Stakla ended their activity.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Psiho klub (1983)
  • Ljubav je kad... (1984)
  • Samo ljubav može to (1988)
  • Samo za tebe (1991)


  • "Monsunski vetrovi" / "Leto je devojko" (1984)


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