Slow Change

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Slow Change EP
Studio album by
ReleasedAug 24, 1999
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerJim Wirt
Jimmie's Chicken Shack chronology
Bring Your Own Stereo
Slow Change EP

The Slow Change EP is a supplemental free EP that was included with a limited number of copies of Bring Your Own Stereo. To redeem the CD, you had to mail in a card that came with B.Y.O.S.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Do Right (Radio Version) - 3:14
  2. Slow Change - 6:00
  3. Brokedown Palace - 3:23
  4. Smiling - 3:45
  5. Do Right - 3:03


  • Jimi Haha - vocals, guitar
  • Che' Lemon - bass
  • Dave Dowling - guitar
  • Mike Sipple - drums
  • Brandon Boyd - djembe on "Slow Change"
  • Brian Wagoner - background vocals on "Slow Change"
  • P.J. Smith - hand percussion on "Slow Change"
  • Stefan Broadley - programming / keyboards / percussion / congas on "Slow Change"


  • "Do Right (Radio Version" is longer than the LP version because the record label deemed it too short for radio. Also, the reggae ending is replaced with a more "rock" ending.
  • "Brokedown Palace", a cover of a Grateful Dead song, was originally recorded for a movie of the same name. The song never made it onto the soundtrack because the song was too happy.
  • "Slow Change" and "Smiling" are B-sides from Bring Your Own Stereo