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Snot Dudley

Michael Deek is an American professional wrestler wrestling on the independent circuit under the ring name Anthony Michaels. He is best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling as a member of The Dudley Brothers under the ring name Snot Dudley in summer 1995, he is known for his appearances with Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee and on the independent circuit in Florida and the northeastern United States. Deek relocated from New York City to Morristown, Tennessee to train as a professional wrestler under Tim Horner at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling training camp, he made his debut with Smoky Mountain Wrestling on August 21, 1993 as "Anthony Michaels", losing to Joe Cazana. In March 1994, Deek was repackaged as the masked "Fire" and placed in a tag team with Brimstone called "The Infernos"; the Infernos went on to compete in the SMW tag team division, competing against teams such as The Thrillseekers and The Rock'n' Roll Express. Deek alternated between the two ring names until leaving SMW in February 1995.

Deek debuted in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling on July 1, 1995 at Hardcore Heaven. Wearing overalls, a tie-dyed shirt, high-tops and glasses, Deek was given the gimmick of "Lil' Snot Dudley", one of the three original members of The Dudley Brothers along with Dudley Dudley and Big Dick Dudley. In their debut match, Snot Dudley and Dudley Dudley scored an upset victory over The Pitbulls. Shortly after their debut, the Dudley family aligned themselves with Raven, joining Raven's Nest and feuding with The Pitbulls. At Heat Wave on July 15, 1995, Dudley Dudley and Snot Dudley teamed with Raven in a loss to Tommy Dreamer and The Pitbulls. Shortly thereafter, Deek was injured in a jet ski accident and left ECW, with his departure attributed to a broken pelvis resulting from a superbomb delivered by The Pitbulls at Heat Wave. After recovering from his injury, Deek returned to wrestling on the independent circuit in Florida. In 1998, Deek formed a tag team with Jeff Roth, who adopted the ring name "Schmuck Dudley".

The duo wrestled for the Florida-based Future of Wrestling promotion as "The Dudleys". In 1999, Deek reverted to the ring name Anthony Michaels and Schmuck to Jeff Roth, changing the name of their tag team to "Wildside" to "Animal House"; the duo won the FOW Tag Team Championship on three occasions between 1998 and 2002. Deek remained with FOW until the promotion folded in 2003. Deek wrestled for other independent promotions in Florida such as Florida Championship Wrestling and Coastal Championship Wrestling. In 2003, Deek joined the Pennsylvania-based promotion World Xtreme Wrestling, where he formed a tag team with Mark Gore called "The Untouchables"; the duo won the WXW Tag Team Championship in May 2004. The Untouchables continued to wrestled intermittently for WXW over the following eight years; the duo performed for other independent promotions in the northeastern United States such as the Connecticut-based Defiant Pro Wrestling and the Massachusetts-based Powerhouse Wrestling. Deek made a one-off appearance with World Wrestling Entertainment on the March 13, 2007 episode of ECW on Sci Fi as "Mikey Deek".

Deek and Danny Jacks lost to Snitsky in a handicap match. In 2010, Deek returned to the Future of Wrestling promotion after it was resurrected challenging for the FOW Heavyweight Championship and the FOW International Heavyweight Championship. In December 2012, Deek and The Beast won the FOW Tag Team Championship, marking Deek's fourth reign with the championship. On November 9, 2013, Deek and several other ECW alumni took part in a 22 wrestler "hardcore rumble" for Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore promotion in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 2013, Deek opened a professional wrestling-themed store, Wrestling Paradise, in Wallingford, Connecticut. Deek is an avid guitar player. While wrestling for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee in the early 1990s, he formed a two-piece glam rock band called "Slippery Nipple" with his roommate and fellow wrestler Chris Jericho as bassist. Coastal Championship Wrestling CCW Tag Team Championship – with Jeff Roth Defiant Pro Wrestling DPW Tag Team Championship - with Mark Gore Florida Championship Wrestling FCW Caribbean Islands Championship FCW Heavyweight Championship FCW Tag Team Championship – with Schmuck Dudley / Jeff Roth Future of Wrestling FOW Tag Team Championship – with Schmuck Dudley / Jeff Roth and The Beast World Xtreme Wrestling WXW Tag Team Championship – with Mark Gore Wrestling Paradise on Facebook Michael Deek on IMDb

Burnie High School

Burnie High School is a public, co-educational, high school, located in Cooee, a suburb of Burnie, Australia. In April 2007, the old, original Burnie High School building located in Burnie itself was gutted by fire; the old school had been built in 1929 and following the fire, many of its remains had to be demolished for safety reasons. The building had been due to become the new home of the Creative Paper company and the new Burnie Visitor Centre. Instead a new building was built on the site in the years following the fire. Burnie High School is located behind Cooee Primary School in Fidler Street Cooee. Other high schools located in the area are Parklands High School, Wynyard High School and Marist Regional College; every second year Burnie High School puts on a production. 2007's production was Gumshoe: The Spy Musical, performed by Burnie High School in 1997. Other past musical productions undertaken by the school include: How the West was Warped, Sheik Rattle'n' Roll, Jungle Fantasy and Bats.

Hon. Ron Cornish - Politician. Australian International Shooting Team member 1975. Scot Aldred - eLearning researcher and teacher educator List of schools in Tasmania Education in Tasmania Burnie High School Darwinian 2005/2006 Remains of Burnie High School building demolished - ABS News Ian Rist Advocate Newspaper Champions of Sport. Mercury newspaper Champions of Sport A. C. T. A records S. S. A. A. Records Wilson, G. J. 1991. Burnie High School 1916-1991. Burnie High School on The Names Database BHS at the Tasmanian Department of Education The City of Burnie - "Gumshoe" A production by Burnie High School


Arnager is a small fishing village in Rønne parish, Bornholm island, Denmark. It is 3 kilometres southwest of Nylars, about 8 kilometres southeast of Rønne, 3 kilometres southeast of Bornholm Airport, its population in 2010 was 151 residents. Arnager Bay is east of Arnager. According to Bornholm Place Names, Arnager was first mentioned in 1552 as "Arenack" in one of the Chancery letter books; the harbor was built in 1883 by H. Zahrtmann. For some time, the village was one of the main resting places for the island's missionaries; the city is notable for having Scandinavia's longest wooden bridge. The 200 metres structure links the port with the city. In the mid 1990s, dinosaur footprints were identified on a cliff 1 kilometre east of the village

Nils Olav

Brigadier Sir Nils Olav III is a king penguin who resides in Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. He is the colonel-in-chief of the Norwegian King's Guard; the name'Nils Olav' and associated ranks have been passed down through three king penguins since 1972 – the current holder being Nils Olav III. Norway – whose explorer Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911 – presented Edinburgh Zoo with its first king penguin at its opening in 1913; when the Norwegian King's Guard visited the Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 1961 for a drill display, a lieutenant named Nils Egelien became interested in the zoo's penguin colony. When the King's Guard returned to Edinburgh in 1972, Egelien arranged for the regiment to adopt a penguin; this penguin was named Nils Olav in King Olav V of Norway. Nils Olav was given the rank of visekorporal in the regiment, he has been promoted each time. In 1982 he was made a corporal, promoted to sergeant in 1987. Nils Olav I died shortly after his promotion to sergeant in 1987, his place was taken by Nils Olav II, a two-year-old near-double.

He was promoted in 1993 to the rank of regimental sergeant major and in 2001 promoted to'honourable regimental sergeant major'. On 18 August 2005, he was appointed as colonel-in-chief of the same regiment; the next honour was a knighthood, awarded during a visit by soldiers from the Norwegian King's Guard on 15 August 2008. The knighthood was approved by King Harald V and Nils was the first penguin to receive such an honour in the Norwegian Army. During the ceremony a crowd of several hundred people watched the 130 guardsmen on parade at the zoo, a citation from the King was read out, which described Nils as a penguin "in every way qualified to receive the honour and dignity of knighthood". During the 2005 visit, a 4-foot-high bronze statue of Nils Olav was presented to Edinburgh Zoo; the statue's inscription includes references to the Military Tattoo. A statue stands at the King's Guard compound at Huseby, Oslo. A third penguin, Nils Olav III, took over at some point between 2008 and 2016. On 22 August 2016 he was promoted to brigadier in a ceremony attended by over 50 members of the King's Guard.

Nils Olav now outranks Nils Egelien. William Windsor Wojtek BBC News on his knighthood BBC News Scotsman Article with pictures

Darius D'Silva

Darius D'Silva is an Emirati cricketer. He made his international debut for the United Arab Emirates in August 2019, he lives in Perth and has represented the Western Australia cricket team at the under-19 level. In July 2019, he was named in the United Arab Emirates' squad for their Twenty20 International series against the Netherlands, he made his T20I debut for the United Arab Emirates against the Netherlands on 3 August 2019. In October 2019, he was added to the United Arab Emirates' squad for the 2019 ICC T20 World Cup Qualifier tournament in the UAE. In December 2019, he was named in the One Day International squad for the 2019 United Arab Emirates Tri-Nation Series, he made his ODI debut for the UAE, against the United States on 8 December 2019. Darius D'Silva at ESPNcricinfo

Antah of Negeri Sembilan

Tuanku Antah ibni Almarhum Yamtuan Radin was the sixth Yamtuan Besar of Negri Sembilan. He ruled from 1869 to 1888, tried to keep Negri Sembilan independent from British rule, his son Tuanku Muhammad Shah modernised his state. His struggle against the British began in March 1872 when Datuk Kelana Syed Abdul Rahman, who governed Sungai Ujong allowed the British to open a tin mine and set up their operations within his domain. With the help of British soldiers, he defeated burned Rahang; as the appointment of a foreigner, Resident PJ Murray, into Datuk Kelana's court was seen by other local officials as an invitation of a British invasion, the officials crowned Tuanku Antah as the Yamtuan of Seri Menanti, who did not recognise Datuk Kelana's authority. Datuk Kelana claimed Terachi as part of his territory in 1875, he dismissed the local government there. Resident PR Murray interpreted this as a breach against Datuk Kelana's administration, so he went to Terachi with 20 soldiers lead by Lieutenant Hinxman, an interpreter and doctor from Australia known as Dominic Daly to investigate, but they did not find any sign of disorder there.

PR Murray returned to Sungai Ujong, but Daly travelled from Kampung Terachi to Kuala Pilah to measure their distances. Daly was turned away when his party stumbled unto 200 men who threatened them to leave, requested PR Murray to help him. Tuanku Antah mobilised 4000 soldiers in preparation for the oncoming British invasion, was helped by several others: Datuk Siamang Gagap, the Tunku Besar of Tampin, the people of Rembau and Johol, his army marched into Bukit Putus and Paroi, where he warned PJ Murray not to interfere with his sovereignty by trespassing into Terachi. The British Resident requested help from the Straits Settlements, who sent 20 soldiers led by Lieutenant Peyton from Melaka, while Lieutenant Hinxman and his troops dug trenches and fortified their compound, due to uprisings. Lieutenant Hinxman brought another army with him, consisting of 30 troops, 30 policemen, 6 Arabs, to attack Tuanku Antah at Paroi, but they were outnumbered by the locals, who surrounded and defeated them, while Tuanku Antah's forces occupied a house along the banks of the Linggi River as their base of operations.

On 5 December 1875, the British used Datuk Kelana's cannons to fight against Tuanku Antah. After a one-hour-long shootout, Lieutenants Hinxman and Peyton advanced through a swamp to destroy Tuanku Antah's fort, but they were not able to find him, Tunku Laksamana took his place to govern Seri Menanti. Reinforced by 350 soldiers led by Governor Anson from Pulau Pinang, the British bombarded Tuanku Antah's fortress. Tuanku Antah was forced to retreat, the British retook Paroi. With the arrival of the battleship HMS Thistle to Sungai Ujong, still more reinforcements arrived under Lieutenant Colonel Clay, who led his group of 280 soldiers to retake Bukit Sungai Ujong, he led his troops through Langkap into Bukit Putus, where his forces defeated more of Tuanku Antah's soldiers, advanced on to Seri Menanti. Notified of the British approaching to his capital, Tuanku Antah fled with his family to Johor, where they came into the protection of Sultan Abu Bakar. Sultan Abu Bakar advised him to make peace with the British.

On May 1876, Tuanku Antah arranged a meeting with the four Undang-Undang of Negeri Sembilan between them and William Jervois, the Governor of Singapore. Under a peace treaty between all the belligerents, the British agreed to allow Tuanku Antah to rule Seri Menanti, Ulu Muar, Terachi, Gunung Pasir, Innas, renamed his title Yang Di Pertuan Seri Menanti while the other regions of Negeri Sembilan will continue to be ruled by their respective leaders, Sungai Ujong remains under British rule. After two years of retreat into Johor, Tuanku Antah returned to Seri Menanti, where he lived there for eleven years, he died in 1888, was buried at the Seri Menanti Royal Mausoleum