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A comic strip adaptation of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released to coincide with the release of the film. The comic strip was written by Merrill de Marris and drawn by Hank Porter, both staff at Walt Disney Pictures. [1]

The original strip ran from December 1937 to April 1938 and was distributed by King Features Syndicate.[2]

Used in the strip are a number of story ideas that were ultimately abandoned in the film, including a more elaborate and comical meeting between the Prince and Snow White (in which Snow White creates a 'dummy' of her dream prince, which the real Prince sneaks into), and an entire storyline in which the Witch kidnaps the Prince to prevent him from saving Snow White. Both of these abandoned concepts were notably recycled for use in Sleeping Beauty, the film's general release happened just before, in the comic, the dwarfs discover Snow White in their cottage, a cliffhanger perhaps intended to encourage readers to watch the film to see how the story continued.

The comic was packaged and released as a comic book in 1944, 1951, 1987 and 1995 by Dell, Gold Key, Gladstone and Marvel.[3]

Deleted content[edit]

There are many story arcs that were deleted from the finished film that are explored in this comic strip. Michael Sporn Animation explains further:[4]

There are noticeable differences between the story in the strip and the released film, the movie’s story, from the start, had a sequence called “Prince Buckethead” which lasted in the original storyline until the last months in making the film. Then the sequence found itself dropped from the film, but, oddly, reappears in this comic strip version.


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