Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1955 film)

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Title card
Directed by Erich Kobler
Produced by Hubert Schonger
Written by Konrad Lustig
Walter Oehmichen
Based on Snow White as collected
by The Brothers Grimm
Starring Elke Arendt
Adele "Addi" Adametz
Niels Clausnitzer
Dietrich Thoms
Renate Eichholz
Zita Hitz
Erwin Platzer
Narrated by Paul Tripp (1965-English)
Music by Franz Miller
Carl Stueber
Anne Delugg (US version)
Milton Delugg (US version)
Cinematography Wolf Swan
Edited by Horst Rossberger (as Horst Roßberger)
Distributed by Jugendfilm-Verleih (1955) (West Germany) (theatrical)
Childhood Productions (USA, English-dubbed) (theatrical)
Release date
November 27, 1955 (West Germany)
October 15, 1962 (Denmark)
November 1965 (USA, English-dubbed)
Running time
76 min.
Country West Germany
Language German

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (USA: Snow White, German: Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge) is a 1955 German film, directed by Erich Kobler, based on the story of Schneewittchen by the Brothers Grimm.



Neuschwanstein Castle, in Bavaria, Germany was used as a film set.

The Seven Dwarfs were all played by children from children's dance group led by Suse Böhm.

DVD release[edit]

In 2007, Schneewittchen was released on DVD in Germany. The film was also part of five DVD boxset, which contained other classic live-action German fairytale films made in the 1950s.

In 2003, the American English-dubbed DVD version was released officially in the United States by Catcom Home Video/Krb Music and then re-issued in 2007. PR Studios then re-issued the DVD in 2008.

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