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Socialbakers, a.s.
Private Company
Industry Information technology
Founded October 13, 2008
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Key people
Yuval Ben-Itzhak (CEO), Martin Huml (COO & President), Jan Rezab (Chairman)
-134 mio CZK[1] (2016)
Total equity -37 mio CZK[1] (2016)
Number of employees
350[citation needed]

Socialbakers is a global social media analytics company offering a marketing software-as-a-service platform called Socialbakers Solutions that sells data analytics and social media management to companies for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, VK and Pinterest.

Socialbakers was founded in 2008 and has offices in Prague, London, San Francisco, New York City, Plzeň, Split, Singapore, Sydney, Paris, Munich, São Paulo, Mexico City, Dubai and Istanbul, with over 300 employees globally.[2] At the end of 2016, cumulated loss of the company amounted to 661 million CZK.[1]

Detailed History[edit]


In July 2010, Socialbakers launched the FanPage Analyzer,[3] it gave users information about issues their Facebook Pages experienced, as well as for their competition.[4] At the end of 2010, Facebakers was renamed to Socialbakers to avoid confusion between the two.[5]


In January 2011, Socialbakers launched Market Insights,[6] which allowed users to monitor market sectors on Facebook, compare their Page within the chosen market sector, and analyze the performance of their Page and their competitors' Pages.[7] In the same month, they began the Social Media Awards, which judged Facebook Pages according to a couple of key factors, including Best Fan Engagement Rate and Most Engaging Page;[8] in March, Socialbakers launched Facebook city statistics.[9]

In May 2011, Socialbakers launched a Facebook Page management system, CMS.[10] Later that month, Socialbakers started monitoring LinkedIn statistics by country, this was the first time Socialbakers had gone outside Facebook monitoring, stating that "social networking is more than just Facebook".[11] On this same note, they launched Twitter profile statistics that July, monitoring brands and media companies alike;[12] in August of that year, Socialbakers introduced Engagement Builder (previously called the Social CMS), which was an improved Page Manager for businesses.[13]

In September 2011, Socialbakers raised $2 million in funding from Early Bird Venture, which was used to acquire companies like and Social RSS (a feed reader for Facebook).[14] In October, they integrated Google+ monitoring into their portfolio of social networks. By the end of the year, they had started monitoring YouTube channel statistics, with daily stats and key rankings.[15]


In January 2012, Socialbakers launched Analytics for Twitter,[16] they started providing analytics of Twitter statistics like Daily Follower Growth, Daily Tweet vs. Retweet Ratio, Total Number of Mentions, and more;[17] in March, they standardized engagement metrics for comparison across both Facebook and Twitter.[18] In April, Socialbakers became Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developer.[19]

In May 2012, Socialbakers launched the Rating of Brands (NPS), which allowed users to rate a brand from 0 to 10 according to "How likely it is that you would recommend the brand to your friends"[20] and later that month, they launched YouTube Analytics in Analytics so that users could start monitoring YouTube Channels with metrics like Total Views, Daily Views, etc.[21]

In June, Socialbakers introduced the standard for social customer care, called "Socially Devoted",[22] the "Socially Devoted" certificate was awarded to those whose Profile (Page Wall/Timeline) was open to questions and feedback from Fans (over 25% of global brands had closed their walls at the time), respond to at least 65% of questions, and responded to each Fan individually in a timely manner.[23] In August, they introduced a new tool called Listening, which allows users to search keywords on social networks and update them in a dashboard.[24] Later that month, a new limited beta version of Market Insights was launched;[25] in September, Socialbakers introduced an upgraded version of the Builder platform, for marketers and businesses to manage and analyze their social media activity on multiple platforms.[26]

In November, Socialbakers raised $6 million from Index Ventures, with additional follow-up funding from first-round investors, this was the second major investment in the company, after the $2 million from Earlybird Venture Capital.[27]


In February Socialbakers completed a $26 million Series C financing round, this new funding was led by Index Ventures.[28]


In May Engage organized their first social media conference in Prague, Engage Prague[29]

In September Socialbakers announced hiring a new CEO - Robert Lang to run the business, ex Criteo executive.[30] Socialbakers announced in collaboration with Sina Weibo push big data products.[31]

Tools and Services[edit]

The Socialbakers Marketing Suite consists of several social media management tools, including Analytics, for "competitive insights" and benchmarking; Builder, an enterprise publishing tool; Ads, which optimizes and manages ads on Facebook and Twitter; Listening, which helps brands follow the conversations happening around their brand; and Professional Services, Socialbakers' consulting wing.

Socialbakers Analytics generates marketing information by monitoring social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, Pinterest, and YouTube (with added reports for Instagram), the software offers performance indicators to measure fan growth, track key influencers, analyze engagement rates and interactions, benchmark performance against competitors and industry standards, optimize social media presence and generate graphical reports. Socialbakers Builder is a tool for scheduling and publishing content as well as aggregating the conversation on social media around a brand. Apart from the main product Suite, Socialbakers offers several services including EdgeRank Checker, a deep-learning algorithm that supposedly tells users what content works best for their brand's Facebook pages, among other things.

Social Media Analytics[edit]

Apart from the metrics that Socialbakers offers in their tools for brands to monitor, they have promoted several ways for brands to track their social media success and benchmark against competition. One of the first benchmarks was Socially Devoted - a certificate awarded to brands that respond to at least 65% of a high volume of questions that users ask them on Facebook and Twitter.[32] Socialbakers also awards Smart Storytellers, a benchmark that “looks at the number of Average Post Interactions in relation to post frequency.”[33] Socialbakers also awards Smart Storytellers, a benchmark that “looks at the number of Average Post Interactions in relation to post frequency.”[34]

In October 2014, Socialbakers announced Promoted Post Detection, a service that allows brands to differentiate between paid and organic reach by using public data only, this allows brands to see the post boosting strategies of their competitors: how many posts they boost, and what percentage of interactions they gained with promoted content.[35]

On the same day, Socialbakers announced that they had partnered with Lenovo to create a new social media benchmark called the Social Health Index, a custom report that allows brands to compare several metrics across multiple platforms against other brands of their choosing - from direct competition to general leaders in social.[36] This score is made by analyzing a client against their cluster, and breaking down performance for each brand on each network by four qualities (Participation, Acquisition, Retention and Shareability, or P.A.R.S),[37] the scores are all then averaged and a final picture emerges of how each competitor compares to one another, overall.

Further reading[edit]


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