Sohail Rashid

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Sohail Rashid
Born September 23
Residence Lahore, Pakistan
Education University of the Punjab M.S Communication Studies
Occupation Journalist, Public Relations and Manager
Years active 2005 - present
Known for Ideas development and management for his clients

Sohail Rashid, a PR Specialist in Pakistan, mostly known to have famous film actors as his clients.


In 2010, Rashid[1][2] represented Veena Malik[3] in the most controversial news[4] for Pakistan and the South Asian Sub continent.[5] The news was about cricket match-fixing with her ex-boyfriend Mohammad Asif. Rashid,[6] did some interviews and media[7][8] follow ups for the most talked about match fixing news[9] in the South Asian subcontinent.[1]

Malik, one of the very few Lollywood stars to have a spokesperson,[10][2] made headlines both in India and Pakistan.[11][12]