Sol Friedman House

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Sol Friedman House (Toyhill)
Sol Friedman House 01.jpg
Sol Friedman House is located in New York
Sol Friedman House
General information
Type House
Architectural style Usonian
Location Pleasantville, New York
Coordinates 41°07′44″N 73°44′53″W / 41.128856°N 73.748003°W / 41.128856; -73.748003Coordinates: 41°07′44″N 73°44′53″W / 41.128856°N 73.748003°W / 41.128856; -73.748003
Construction started 1948
Design and construction
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Sol Friedman House Toyhill, was built in Pleasantville, New York in 1948. This was the first of the three Frank Lloyd Wright homes built in the "Usonia Homes" development north of New York City.

The Friedman House forms part of the post-war development of Wright's use of the circle, culminating in his Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan. The Sol Friedman house in Pleasantville, N.Y., is roofed with mushroom-like concrete slabs; the two intersecting closed circles of the actual dwelling are balanced at the end of a straight terrace parapet by the mushroom-shaped carport. This house was completed in 1949 with battered (sloped) walls of almost Richardsonian random ashlar masonry below a strip of metal-framed windows.

Wright dubbed the house Toyhill because Sol Friedman was a retailer of books, records, and (in some stores) toys.[1]

It is being sold for 1.5 million dollars. For more information, go to


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