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Sony Dream Machine alarm clock, with trademark "dream bar" snooze button

Sony Dream Machine is Sony Electronics' long-running line of clock radios. Models range from basic AM/FM models[1] to more expensive models sporting iPod/iPhone docking, a LCD screen, and internet connectivity.



Described as an assimilation of an alarm clock with a digital photo frame and an iPod dock, the ICF-CL75iP was released in October 2009. Endgadget knocked the limited codec support, but lauded the attractive design and low ($149.95) announced price tag. They also suggested Sony should add Chumby widget support,[2] a wish Sony later granted with their Dash alarm clock. CNet Australia felt that although it was missing some features consumers might expect from stand-alone devices, the combination of functionality makes up for the shortcomings of each of its parts.[3]


With a round face (designed to hold CDs) and slide-in iPod dock, Gizmodo called the ICF-CD3iP "the most attractive iPhone/iPod Clock/Radio Dock I've seen yet."[4] called the model's speakers "subpar", but stated that the "unobtrusive design, retro CD tray, and ease of use make for a good budget bedside companion." [5]


A clock radio with a large display and two independent alarms, which can be set to a radio or buzzer. Other features include a 0.9" green LED display, an extendable snooze bar, a built-in calendar with automatic daylight savings time adjustment and a lithium battery for a full power memory back up. Battery life is approximately up to 250 Days with the Sony battery; the model also has a built-in AM/FM radio, with a Ferrite bar antenna for AM, a wire antenna for FM, and mono 66mm speakers.[6]


Sony Dream Machine alarm clock radio FM/MW/LW CD player ICF-CD843. 8 cm Orange LED display with different brightness options. Almost round in shape. Small footprint. Circa 2002.


  • 25 Programmable station memories for easy access.
  • CD player.
  • Headphone Jack for adding an optional stereo headphone.
  • Nap Timer.
  • Triple Alarm - 3 Times/3 Modes (CD/Radio/Buzzer).
  • DayLight saving option.
  • Snooze
  • FM, AM(MW,LW) radio
  • Headphone jack
  • Boost button for Bass.

Sony official site photo of appearance:

Variation of models[edit]

  • CD853V, CD853L: CD853V has provision for TV & weather stations.
  • colours : blue-silver version, Black-silver version, white-silver version.

Pros and Cons[edit]

  • + small footprint.
  • + good for one person basic needs of entertainment.
  • + easy to assign radio stations.
  • + snooze button is bigger with features that can be found by touch & eye closed.
  • - No battery back up. In case of power cut, no alarm.
  • - Retro feature: volumn control with a dial, at the side.
  • - looking for radio stations take times.
  • - antenna is soft wire which users have to hang & stick it up.

ICF-C717PJ (2010)[edit]

It has a surprising form, it look like a sound bar; the alarm sounds are nature records.


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