Southern Line, Auckland

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Southern Line
AT Metro logo.png
TypeCommuter Rail
SystemAT Metro
LocaleAuckland, New Zealand
Papakura (electric), Pukekohe (diesel shuttle)
Connecting linesEastern, Onehunga, Western
OwnerKiwiRail (tracks and platforms), Auckland Transport (trains and buildings)
Operator(s)Transdev Auckland under the AT brand
Rolling stockAM class (Britomart – Papakura), ADL class (Papakura – Pukekohe)
Line length49.62 km (30.83 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification25 kV AC overhead (Britomart – Papakura)

Southern Line route map
0.0 Britomart Transport Centre (Auckland)
Quay Park junction
The Strand
Eastern Line junction
Ronayne Street
State Highway 16
Parnell Rise
343m Parnell Tunnel
Cowie Street
Western Line junction
3.7 Newmarket
Remuera Road
Newmarket Viaduct (SH1)
4.8 Remuera
Market Road
Omahu Road
Green Lane
6.2 Greenlane
Mitchelson Street
Walpole Street
Main Highway
7.6 Ellerslie
Ellerslie-Panmure Highway
Great South Road
Onehunga Branch
9.1 Penrose
to Onehunga via Te Papapa
South-Eastern Highway
Southdown Freight Centre
Westfield Junction
Railway Lane
Kaka Street
Mangere Road
St George Street
Bridge Street
Manukau Branch
to Manukau
Wiri Station Road (State Highway 20)
Browns Road
Jutland Road
Station Road
Weymouth Road
Great South Road
Te Mahia
Southern Motorway (State Highway 1)
Spartan Road
Manuroa Road
Taka Street
Walters Road
Subway Road
Clevedon Road
33.1 Papakura
Papakura-Pukekohe shuttle
(intermediate crossings not shown)
Mission Bush Branch
(intermediate crossings not shown)
51.3 Pukekohe

The Southern Line in Auckland, New Zealand is the name given to suburban train services that operate between Britomart Transport Centre in central Auckland and Pukekohe via Newmarket.


From Britomart to Newmarket, Southern Line services use the Newmarket Line, then follow the North Auckland Line to Westfield Junction, and from thence onto the North Island Main Trunk (NIMT) line as far as Pukekohe, the terminus of the Southern Line. In its entirety, this line follows the original 1875 North Island Main Trunk route between central Auckland and Pukekohe.

The line, originally single-tracked, was duplicated, piecemeal, between 1909 and 1939. In 1915, the original single-track Parnell tunnel was bypassed by a twin-track tunnel; the older tunnel can be seen alongside the current one, between Parnell station and Newmarket Junction.


In 1930, the Westfield Deviation opened a new eastern route for the NIMT between Auckland and Westfield via Glen Innes; the route between Auckland and Westfield via Newmarket then ceased to be part of the NIMT. The portion between Newmarket and Westfield became part of the North Auckland Line (NAL), which runs between Westfield and Whangarei.

The Southern Line suburban services continued to run on the older route. A new line, called the Eastern Line, was introduced for services on the new route. While the Eastern and Southern lines have a different route between Auckland and Westfield, they share the same tracks between Westfield and Puhinui station.

New stations[edit]

New stations have been proposed at Walters Road and Drury, and are currently being sought by the Papakura Local Board.


Suburban services are operated by Transdev under the AT brand.

Stations on the line[edit]

Station Km from Auckland[1] Height above sea level (m) Current status
Point Britomart 0 km 2.7 Located near current Kings Wharf. Opened 24-12-1873. Closed 29-11-1885.
Queen Street 0 km 2.7 Located at the current Britomart Transport Centre site, albeit at ground level. Opened 30-11-1885. Closed 16-11-1930.
Auckland Railway Station 0 km 3 Located on Beach Road, Parnell. Opened 17-12-1930. Closed July 2003. Former Platform 7 renamed Strand Railway Station and retained for excursion services, and later, the Northern Explorer.
Britomart Transport Centre 0 km 4m below sea level Located beneath the site of the 1885-1930 Queen Street station. Open. New Zealand's second underground station. New Zealand's lowest public point.[2]
Parnell Opened 12-03-2017. Located on the western side of Parnell shops near the old Mainline Steam site on Cheshire St.
Newmarket 2.53 53 Open (Four platform junction station).
Remuera 4.04 81 Open. Uses 1902-era Troup-designed station and signal box.
Greenlane 5.53 57 Open
Ellerslie Racecourse Platform 5.8 50 Closed. Platforms still exist.
Ellerslie 6.96 31 Open
Penrose 8.44 23 Open
Southdown 10.26 4.2 Closed 2004
Westfield 11.27 7.6 Closed March 2017.[3]
Otahuhu 12.51 9.44 Open
Mangere 13.28 10.66 Closed
Middlemore 14.33 8.8 Open
Papatoetoe 16.13 18 Open
Papatoitoi 16.95 18.9 Closed 1904
Puhinui 17.66 19.8 Open
Wiri 19.04 22.25 Closed 2005
Homai 20.88 30.78 Open
Manurewa 22.49 28.34 Closed
Manurewa 22.77 17 Open
Te Mahia 24.29 14.9 Open.
Takanini 25.9 15.2 Open
Tironui 27.56 15.5 Closed 1980. Proposal for new station nearby at Walters Road lodged 2012.
Papakura 29.42 19.2 Open. Terminus for electric unit services.

The following section of unelectrified track is served by a diesel train shuttle service. Papakura is the transfer hub between services.

Station Km from Auckland[4] Height above sea level (m) Current status
Papakura 29.42 19.2 Open. Terminus for diesel train shuttle service.
Opaheke 31.92 14.5 Closed 1955. Known as "Hunua" until 1939.
Drury 34.81 9 Closed 1972. Proposal to re-open lodged 2012.
Runciman 36 8 Closed 1918
Paerata 43.31 45.1 Closed 1980
Pukekohe 47.8 60.65 Open. Terminus for diesel train shuttle service.

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