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Southern Schleswig Danish (Danish: Sydslesvigdansk, German: Südschleswigdänisch) is a variety of the Danish language spoken in Southern Schleswig in Northern Germany. It is a variety of Standard Danish (rigsmål) influenced by the surrounding German language in relation to prosody, syntax and morphology, used by the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig.

Originally Southern Jutlandic was spoken in most parts of the area (in the variants of Angel Danish and Mellemslesvigsk). On the western coast there were also spoken North Frisian. After the language shift in the 18th and 19th century most of the Danish and North Frisian dialects was replaced by Low and Standard German.

Accordingly, there is a Northern Schleswig variety of German language in Northern Schleswig. A similar phenomenon is Gøtudanskt on the Faroe Islands.

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