Southwestern Paman languages

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Southwest Pama
Cape York Peninsula, Queensland
Linguistic classificationPama–Nyungan
  • Upper
  • Coastal
Southwestern Paman languages (green) among other Pama–Nyungan (tan)

The Southwestern Paman languages are a family of the Paman languages spoken on the western part of the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland, Australia.

Alpher (1972) accepts Southwestern Pama as a valid node; the classification below is his.[2] R. M. W. Dixon, on the other hand, only accepts a connections between pairs of languages: Yir, as two dialects of a single language, and Koko Bera with Kok Thawa.[3]

Bowern (2011) also lists the extinct Kokiny and Kok-Papángk.


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