Soviet order of battle for the Battle of Stalingrad

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Situation on 18 November 1942


The Soviet order of battle for the Battle of Stalingrad details the major combat units that fought in the Battle of Stalingrad.
This shows the Soviet order of battle on 19 November 1942, the beginning of Operation Uranus.

Red Army Order of Battle[edit]

Map of the Stalingrad pocket, following Operation Uranus, showing all Axis Divisions and some Soviet Divisions

STAVKA Representatives[edit]

Stalingrad Front[edit]

The Stalingrad Front, under the command of Colonel General Andrey Yeryomenko, assisted by Political Officer Nikita Khrushchev, included the following units:[1]:435–437

Don Front[edit]

Colonel General Konstantin Rokossovsky's Don Front included the following units:[1]:437

Southwestern Front[edit]

The Southwestern Front, commanded by Army General Nikolai Vatutin, included the following units:[1]:437–438




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