Spanish frigate Baleares

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Baleares (F71)
A port beam view of the Spanish frigate Baleares underway during exercise Ocean Venture '81.
Name: Baleares
Namesake: Balearic Islands
Builder: Bazan
Laid down: October 1968
Launched: 20 August 1970
Commissioned: 24 September 1973
Decommissioned: 2004
Identification: F71
General characteristics
Class and type: Baleares-class frigate
Displacement: 3,015 long tons (3,063 t), standard 4,177 long tons (4,244 t), full load
Length: 438 ft (134 m), overall
Beam: 46 ft 9 in (14.25 m)
Draft: 24 ft 9 in (7.54 m)
Propulsion: 1 shaft, one Westinghouse steam turbine, 2 V2M boilers. total 35,000 shp (maximum),
Speed: 28 knots (52 km/h)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Ceselsa Deneb/Canopus, Mk36 SROC decoy launchers

Baleares (F71) is the lead ship of five Spanish-built Baleares-class frigates, based on the American Knox class design, of the Spanish Navy.

Laid down on October 1968 and launched on 20 August 1970, Baleares was commissioned into service on 24 September 1973.

All of these Spanish frigates were built to the size of the Knox frigates.

Other units of class[edit]