Speed limits in Georgia (country)

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The speed limits in Georgia are regulated by Law of Road Safety, article 29.[1][2][3]

Generic limits[edit]

Vehicle Type City Rural Motorways
Passenger and cargo vehicle (<3.5 t) 60 90 110
Small bus and motorcycle 60 80 80
Vehicle with trailer (>3.5 t) 60 70 80
Vehicle with passenger trailer 60 60 60

Limits in urban areas[edit]

There are several streets in Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi where the speed limit is higher than generic limit (60 km/h). For example:

  • Embankments of Mtkvari river in Tbilisi have limit of 70 km/h
  • George W. Bush street (airport route) in Tbilisi has limit of 80 km/h

Limits in rural areas[edit]

Historically, maximum speed limit in Georgia was 90 km/h as there were no motorways in the country. With the change of government in 2004 and activation of country's economy, the construction of first motorway started. The motorway forms the one of the main transit routes of the country – S1/E60. Currently, the motorway part of the route spans from north exit of Tbilisi to Zemo Osiauri, a small village near Khashuri.


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