Spiral Galaxy (sculpture)

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Spiral Galaxy
Adler 0368.jpg
The sculpture in 2008
ArtistJohn David Mooney
Year1998 (1998)
LocationChicago, Illinois, United States
Coordinates41°51′57.66″N 87°36′25.82″W / 41.8660167°N 87.6071722°W / 41.8660167; -87.6071722Coordinates: 41°51′57.66″N 87°36′25.82″W / 41.8660167°N 87.6071722°W / 41.8660167; -87.6071722

Spiral Galaxy is an outdoor stainless steel sculpture by John David Mooney, installed outside the Adler Planetarium on Chicago's Northerly Island, in the U.S. state of Illinois. The work was commissioned by the Vatican Observatory in 1994 to commemorate the Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena conference, and inspired by Galileo's drawings and early photographs of the closest galaxies to Earth. The 14-foot (4.3 m) sculpture was installed at Navy Pier in 1998, then temporarily exhibited in Sarasota, Florida. Spiral Galaxy was move to its current location in 2005, to commemorate the planetarium's 75th anniversary.[1]

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