Splendid China Mall

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Splendid China Mall
Splendid China Tower.JPG
Entrance to Splendid China Mall; the entrance sign shows its former name
Location 4675 Steeles Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M1V 4S5
Opening date February 17, 2007
Developer Spendid China Development Inc.
No. of stores and services 150
No. of floors 2
Splendid China Mall
Traditional Chinese 錦繡中華
Simplified Chinese 锦绣中华

Splendid China Mall (Traditional Chinese: 錦繡中華; Simplified Chinese: 锦绣中华) (formerly known as Splendid China Tower) is a 90,000-square-foot (8,400 m2) Chinese-themed ethnic shopping centre located at the southeast corner of Redlea Avenue and Steeles Avenue in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] It is located adjacent to Milliken GO Station and across from the Pacific Mall along with the Market Village. The structure was formerly occupied by Canadian Tire.[2]

Chinese language signs[edit]

Scarborough's local sign bylaws limit the size a business may post signs in one singular language. The signs the centre has (in Chinese characters) taken up the permitted total wall acreage, so permission had to be sought to add an English sign.[3]

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