Sports Reference

Sports Reference, LLC is an American company which operates several sports-related websites, including Baseball-Reference, Pro-Football-Reference, Basketball Reference, Hockey Reference. The site includes sections on college football, college basketball and the Olympics; the sites attempt a comprehensive approach to sports data. For example, Baseball-Reference contains more than 100,000 box scores and Pro-Football-Reference contains data on every scoring play in the National Football League since 1941; the company, based in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, was founded as Sports Reference in 2004 and was incorporated as Sports Reference LLC in 2007. Sports Reference added a site for Olympic Games statistics and history in July 2008; the company announced in December 2016 that the Olympics site will be shut down in the near future due to a change in its data licensing agreement. Since that time, data for the 2016 Summer Olympics was added, but the site has not been updated for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The providers of the Olympic data are working with another publisher to create a new website. Sports-Reference

Diego Villar

Diego Nicolás Villar is an Argentine football winger who plays for Aldosivi. Villar started his playing career with Newell's Old Boys in 2001, in 2005 he joined Chilean side Santiago Wanderers but returned to Argentina that year to join 2nd division team Godoy Cruz. In 2006, he was part of the Godoy Cruz team to win promotion to the Argentine Primera. Despite his contribution of 7 goals Godoy Cruz were relegated at the end of the 2006-2007 season after losing their playoff with Huracán. In 2007 Villar joined Arsenal de Sarandí, but was allowed to leave in February 2008 to join Gimnasia de La Plata, he returned to Godoy Cruz for the 2010–11 Argentine Primera División season. In July 2012 he is transferred to Racing Club signing a 3-year contract. Arsenal de SarandíCopa Sudamericana: 2007 Argentine Primera statistics Football-Lineups player profile Diego Villar at Soccerway

Kaos One

Marco Fiorito known as Kaos One, Don Kaos, Dottor K, Ahmad or Kaos is an Italian rapper, writer. He began his career in 1986 in Milan, first as a breakdancer and writer as MC, first in English and in Italian. Kaos One is acknowledged as one of the forerunners of Italian Rap. After working as a writer, Kaos between 1986 and 1987 knows DJ Gruff and American MC Top Cat, which organizes some jam and is the Fresh Press Crew, which includes DJ Skizo and Sean Martin; the group, with the entry of Dre Love changes name to Radical Stuff. In 1989 Radical Stuff released. In 1990, after releasing a second single, I Guess You Know, Radical Stuff began to work on a live album recorded in collaboration with jazz musicians Lo Greco Bros; the LP The Jazzy Rap Night Live was released in 1992, followed by the single Summer Fever and On tha Run. In 1993 Kaos began collaborating with ther artists, first with DJ Gruff in the lbum Rapadopa and with "Hello, hello I hate the hard Full of Colle der Fomento". Radical Stuff's second album, was released in 1994.

After these experiences Kaos began working to release her first album in Italian, it was released in 1996 with the collaboration of discomfort Neffa, MDee, Loudy NCN and Sean returns the collaboration of participating Neffa in the same year with two tracks on the disc Neffa & i Messaggeri della Dopa: "I Messaggeri Pt.1" and "I fieri B-Boyz." Neffa deals with the basis for discomfort, it is in fact the manufacturer of these for thirteen of the fifteen tracks on the disc. After his debut solo continues collaborations with different artists and in 1997, appears both in the world that there is no disk in Chief & Soci in the new disc titled Gruff Zero Stress. In 1997, the Milanese MC collaborated on the soundtrack for the film Torino Boys with the song "Quando vengo a prenderti" the album Neffa 107 elementi with the song "Strategie dell'universo"; the following year he released a 12 "contains remixes of discomfort, titled "Kaos'98 Remix". In 1999 he made "Cose preziose", was added to Novecinquanta Fritz Da Cat, it is with Sean and Chico MD of Sangue Misto group Melma & Merda, with whom he released the album Merda & Melma.

In the same year sees the light -/-/-/-/- published by Jackpot Records Neffa, in collaboration with Freaktons, with producers Chico MD and Neffa, himself to the test of the bases. In 2002 he participated in the project Neo Ex, impromptu training consists of Kaos and Gopher which publishes The missing disc, which features collaborations Moddi MC, Phase 2, Lugi and B. Soulee. In 2006, one of the leaders of the project "The Original" by Speaker Dee Mo where the soundtrack composer Franco Micalizzi and some of the best artists of Hip hop music Micalizzi Italian joined with the Hip Hop culture. On May 30, 2006 was held at Rolling Stone in Milan's spectacular concert by Red Bull Homegroove, characterized by the sound of Big Bubbling Band conducted by Franco Micalizzi joined on stage by MCs, B-boys and DJ. Everything was released on newsstands June 20 attached to the magazine Groove; the concert was replicated December 20, 2006 at the Teatro Palladium in Rome. In October 2007, he released Karma, Mc penultimate album, produced by himself, DJ Trix, Don Joe, DJ Shablo, Mace and DJ Silver.

It features collaborations with artists of the Italian scene as Turi, Club Dogo, Colle Der Fomento and Moddi MC. In 2011 he collaborated with Deda to produce, under the name BBeat, two tracks the No. 1 "Fifteen minutes," and No. 9 "National Anthem Personal" Hypnosis Collective, disk Musteeno. His last work, the album was released Post Scripta November 11, 2011 with the official shirt that mimics the explanation on the disc. In conjunction Kaos launched the Twitter profile. Among the different tracks glories unpublished made famous in his live, as Dr. K and the 2 half of, filmed a video posted on YouTube in conjunction with the album. At 48 hours of release, the disc reaches the first position in "Hip-Hop" in iTunes and fourth place overall among the best selling records in Italy. In addition to digital, the album sold well in support physical, doing sold out in many shops in Italy where it was distributed. On 27 November 2011 he was host of the radio program of Rai Radio 2 Babylon conducted by Charles Shepherd where he explained "track by track" the whole album Post Scripta.

This presentation radio, accompanied by clips of the songs, is one of the few appearances of an average of national importance Kaos has always been reluctant to media exposure. Kaos is one of the few b-boy to have reached all the major disciplines of hip hop. In addition to writers, breakers and mc, in fact, he stood behind the plates as a DJ in some of his works. In addition, since'96 intro of "discomfort", in 1998 in Viva Los Latinos, began composing foundation for hip-hop that role he was in the songs "Flow dopo flow" and "Dio lodato", made in 1998 and 1999 for the rapper Joe Cassano, as well as other pieces of -/-/-/-/-, Merda & Melma and kARMA. In 2011 there took place the Hip Hop Hano Award 2011 created a poll on the site to decide the best Hip Hop album of the year, which saw the participation of over 13,000 persone. Il prize for best album of the year was won by Kaos with his album Post Scripta 1996 - Fastidio 1999 - L'attesa 2007 - Karma 2011 - Post Scripta 2015 - Coup de Grace 1989 – Let's Get Dizzy 1990 – I Guess U K