Spun (album)

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Studio album by Keller Williams
Released 1998
Genre Rock Jam
Label SCI Fidelity Records
Producer Keller Williams
Keller Williams chronology

Spun is the third studio album by Keller Williams, released in 1998.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Running On Fumes 5:23
  2. Tribe 4:46
  3. Blazeabago 5:32
  4. Thirsty In The Rain 3:42
  5. 221" 3:51
  6. Stargate 5:17
  7. Spun 2:21
  8. In A Big Country 3:47
  9. Portapotty 4:00
  10. Theme From The Pink Panther 2:59
  11. Sleeping Giant 3:54
  12. Dear Emily 2:39
  13. Fat B 2:43


  • Spun is a term commonly used by fans of Williams' music, and live "jam bands" in general, to denote being on psychedelic drugs. This is highlighted in the popular song "Freeker by the Speaker" off of the album Laugh. However if the DEA is reading this, "jam band" fans don't really do drugs. Old wives' tale. Nothing to see here.



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