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Squat, squatter or squatting may refer to:

As body position[edit]

In computing and the Internet[edit]

  • Cybersquatting, refers to registering Internet domain names similar to popular trademarks with the intent to extort the trademark holder
  • Squatting attack, a kind of computer attack

In law and property[edit]

  • Squatting, living in an abandoned or unused building, sometimes for political purposes (usually anarchist or autonomist)
  • Squattocracy, Australian term referring to occupations of land in 19th century
  • Squatter's rights, referring to the legal term adverse possession

In media and entertainment[edit]

In science[edit]

  • Squat effect, in hydrodynamics
  • Bob and squat, the pitching motion of automobile and bicycle suspensions when under acceleration; i.e., the rear end moves down and the front end moves up

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