Sreenarayanapuram Temple

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Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple
Sreenarayanapuram Temple, Manakala.jpg
Sreenarayanapuram temple
Basic information
Location Manakala, Adoor
Deity Vishnu
State Kerala
Country India
Completed 18th century

Sreenarayanapuram Mahavishnu Temple is an ancient Vishnu temple in Kerala, India. It is at Manakala about 4 km (2.5 mi) from Adoor.


Sreenarayanapuram Temple is known for the annual Dasavatarachartu festival. Dasavatarachartu is a ten-day celebration: Each day one Avatar of Mahavishnu from Dasavatara is worshiped. Sreenarayanapuram is one of the few Vishnu temples in Kerala where a Dasavatarachartu festival is conducted.

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