St. Térèse Church

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St. Térèse Church
St. Térèse Church is located in Turkey
St. Térèse Church
Location in Turkey
Basic information
Location Turkey Ulus, Ankara, Turkey
Geographic coordinates 39°56′08″N 32°51′38″E / 39.9355°N 32.8605°E / 39.9355; 32.8605Coordinates: 39°56′08″N 32°51′38″E / 39.9355°N 32.8605°E / 39.9355; 32.8605
Affiliation Catholic Church
Architectural type Church
Capacity 1

The Ankara St. Térèse Church (Turkish: St. Térèse Kilisesi) is a Catholic Church in Ankara the capital of Turkey.


After the 1917 Great Ankara Fire, it was used as the French Embassy until the move to the new service building from 1928 until 1980. Turks and Armenians lived around the church during the Ottoman Empire. Ankara St. Clement's University is north of the church.[1] The church building was registered as a first degree urban site on April 12, 1980.[2]

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