St Helena Secondary College

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St Helena Secondary College
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Coordinates37°41′15″S 145°8′23″E / 37.68750°S 145.13972°E / -37.68750; 145.13972Coordinates: 37°41′15″S 145°8′23″E / 37.68750°S 145.13972°E / -37.68750; 145.13972
MottoDare to be Excellent
PrincipalKaren Terry
Teaching staff111
Grades7 - 12
Number of students1607[1]
School colour(s)Maroon, grey & black

St Helena Secondary College is a co-educational state secondary school in Eltham North, Victoria, Australia. Found within the City of Banyule, the school has had a high enrolment interest for a number of years, due to the recent baby boom in the area. St Helena also has a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including an extensive music program, musicals and numerous sporting opportunities.


The school is divided into three separate 'mini schools', each catering for the needs of the students at the different stages of their development; each mini school also has their own Principal. These 'Mini School Principals' work almost entirely with their own mini school, whilst also being involved in school wide positions and tasks; the principals are as follows: Junior School; Mr John Ballagh, Middle School; Ms Jenny Heathcote and Senior School; Mr Anesti Anestis.


Rock Eisteddfod

The college was, until recently, involved in the Rock Eisteddfod annual competition; the performances, although limited to eight minutes, enable over 100 students each year to work together to create and perform a dance routine which focuses on positive lifestyles.


In 2004 the first College Production was staged; the play “I’m on TV” allowed students, with the aid of director Emma Oliver, to build on and act out a story. The project was considered a success and therefore, has been added to the colleges list of annual events; this will provide another option to students interested in drama and performance. A Musical Production

The musical production is a yearly event, directed previously by Glenda Evans and currently directed by Christopher Hewitt. In its long-running history the St Helena Performing Arts community has completed many shows, often described as 'semi-professional' by esteemed audience members.

One particular aspect of the college musical productions is a yearly award titled the Juanita Coco Award; the award is named for Juanita Coco, an ex-student of the college who was an exemplary student and person, as well as a member of Young Talent Time and the college productions. Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident in 1993 before that years show could be performed, and this award was enacted in her honour to be presented to the cast member who exemplifies the qualities Juanita stood for.

Instrumental Music

All of St Helena's students are encouraged to learn a musical instrument. There are currently four concert bands, with brass, woodwind and percussion instruments, four jazz bands, as well as many smaller ensembles.

Each year, the Senior Concert band and the Senior Jazz band travel interstate to compete in band competitions.


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