Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart is an art museum in Stuttgart, Germany, it opened in 1843. In 1984, the opening of the Neue Staatsgalerie designed by James Stirling transformed the once provincial gallery into one of Europe's leading museums; the classicist building of the Alte Staatsgalerie was the home of the Royal Art School. The building was built in 1843. After being damaged in World War II, it was rebuilt in 1945-1947 and reopened in 1948, it houses the following collections: Old German paintings 1300-1550 Italian paintings 1300-1800 Dutch paintings 1500-1700 German paintings of the baroque period Art from 1800-1900 The Neue Staatsgalerie, a controversial architectural design by James Stirling, opened on March 9, 1984 on a site right next to the old building. It houses a collection of 20th-century modern art — from Pablo Picasso to Oskar Schlemmer, Joan Miró and Joseph Beuys; the building layout bears resemblance to Schinkel's Altes Museum, with a series of connected galleries around three sides of a central rotunda.

However, the front of the museum is not as symmetrical as the Altes Museum and the traditional configuration is slanted with the entrance set at an angle. Annibale Carracci's Corpse of Christ Max Beckmann's Journey on the Fish Salvador Dalí's The Raised Instant George Grosz's The Funeral Franz Marc's The Small Yellow Horses Henri Matisse's With the Toilet Joan Miró's The Bird with the Calm View, the Wings in Flames Piet Mondrian's Composition in White and Blue Pablo Picasso's Tumblers, Laufende Frauen am Strand, The Breakfast in the Free One Barnett Newman's Who's Afraid of Red and Blue II Works by: Paul Klee, Marc Chagall, Wassily Kandinsky Official website

Spivey Records

Spivey Records was a specialist blues record label founded by blues singer Victoria Spivey and jazz historian Len Kunstadt in 1961. Spivey Records released a series of blues and jazz albums between 1961 and 1985; the label recorded a wide variety of blues musicians who were friends of Spivey and Kunstadt, including Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Big Joe Williams, Lonnie Johnson, Memphis Slim, Louis Armstrong. Kunstadt had a ready approach to recording; these tracks appeared on Three Kings And The Queen. However, this was not Dylan's first recording session, he had recorded his debut album Bob Dylan for Columbia Records, released on March 19, 1962. In recognition of her entrepreneurial achievements with Spivey Records, Spivey was awarded the "BMI Commendation of Excellence" in 1970. Victoria Spivey died in 1976; the label became dormant after the death of Len Kunstadt in 1996. In 2007, Len Kunstadt's niece, Lisa Weiner, announced the revival of the label on the Spivey Records website, it was announced that audio engineer Doug Pomeroy had remastered the original tapes recorded between 1961 and 1986, that Spivey LP1001 through Spivey LP1016 would be reissued on CD in 2008.

Queries on the notice board of Spivey Records website indicate that as of October 2011, no reissued CDs are available. Buddy Tate Invites You "To Dig" A Basket Of Blues Buddy Tate Band. Lenoir. P. Leary. P. Leary Three Kings And The Queen, Volume Two Memphis Slim. Spivey's Blues Cavalcade Bill Dicey's High Street Blues Band; the All Star Blues World Of his Chicago Blues Band Willie Dixon Band. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter Big Joe Turner Lloyd Glenn, Brenda Bell, Robert Ross, Bill Dicey, Washboard Doc New York Really Has The BluesVictoria Spivey, Paul Oscher, Sugar Blue, Washboard Doc, Charles "Honeyboy" Otis, Smokey Hogg, The Dicey Ross Band featuring Bill Dicey and Robert Ross What Is The Blues Eunice Davis and the Spivey Low-Down Blues Privacy Invaders with Bill Dicey, Robert Ross, Jonathan Dreschler, Georges Morales, Andy Story, Washboard Doc Victoria Spivey and her Danny Boy Victoria Spivey with Danny Russo plus Lefty Dizz and Larry Johnson List of record labels Gray, Michael.

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George Smith (mycologist)

George Smith was a British mycologist. Born in Great Harwood, he graduated from the University of Manchester in 1916 with first-class honours, received his Master's degree in chemistry two years later. After starting a laboratory with the textile manufacturing company Boardman and Baron Ltd. in 1919, he began to study the mildew and moulds that grew on goods made from cotton. Smith began employment with the Biochemistry Department of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, worked there until his retirement in 1961, he is known for his monographs on the fungal genera Scopulariopsis. Smith wrote a popular textbook, Introduction to Industrial Mycology, first published in 1939, reprinted six times. Smith was the President of the British Mycological Society in 1945, its foray secretary in 1947 and in 1951–52. Brown, A. H. S.. S.. "The genus Paecilomyces Bainier and its perfect stage Byssochlamys Westling". Transactions of the British Mycological Society. 40: 17–89. Doi:10.1016/s0007-153680066-7.

Morton, F. J.. "The genera Scopulariopsis Bainier, Microascus Zukal, Doratomyces Corda". Mycological Papers. 86: 1–99. Aspergillus brevipes Aspergillus parrulus Aspergillus restrictus Phialophora calyciformis Polypaecilum List of mycologists