Stade Lausanne Rugby Club

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Stade Lausanne Rugby Club
Full name Stade Lausanne Rugby Club
Union Fédération Suisse de Rugby
Founded 1969
Location Lausanne, Switzerland
Ground(s) Lausanne
Chavannes - Centre sportif
President South Africa Andrew Cummins
Coach(es) Italy Mario Bucciarelli
assistant coach = Morocco Youssef Sebai Azmani
League(s) Swiss LNA
Swiss Excellence A
Official website

Stade Lausanne Rugby Club is an amateur Swiss rugby union club from Lausanne, the Olympic Capital. The club plays in the Swiss first division - LNA - and are former Swiss Cup champions.

Club history[edit]

Having been one of the eight original clubs[1] to play in the inaugural Swiss Championship when the Switzerland Rugby Union was formed in 1969, Stade Lausanne has been one of the most successful clubs in the country. With six National League A (NLA) and six Swiss Cup titles including 2009 and 2010 Stade Lausanne sits third - behind Hermance RRC and Rugby Club CERN on the National overall club honors list and is the most successful club in Lausanne and canton Vaud. In the 2010/2011 season the First team marched into the Swiss final against RC Avusy and finished 2nd in the first division and the Second team got promoted to the second division of the Swiss Rugby Union.

Club honours[edit]

Competitions[2][3] Years
Swiss Champions (NLA) 1975, 1976, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986
Swiss Cup 1981, 1982, 1984, 1986, 2009, 2010
Second Division Champions (NLB) 2005, 2007, 2008, 2015

Licensed Players[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union

Fabio Venturelli Fly-half Italy Italy
Felipe Lopez Hill Scrum-half Chile Chile
Yannick Fernandez Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Yannick Pingault Wing France France
Jacky Dervey Centre Switzerland Switzerland
Olivier Mantion Lock France France
Mathieu Balsiger Lock Switzerland Switzerland
Pierre Charvat Centre France France
Martin Cambolin Wing France France
Choi Seonghoon Prop South Korea Korea
Armand Sansonnens Hooker Switzerland Switzerland
Yannick Duret Prop Switzerland Switzerland
Maxime Lugeon Flanker France France
Arnaud Thiébaud Flanker France France
Nicolas Lugeon Number 8 France France
Alex Ludunge Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Jean Morard Scrum-half Switzerland Switzerland
Hugo Winterstein Centre France France
Noham Lamssirine Fullback France France
Bastien Pouvreau Flanker France France
Louis Pharaony Fullback France France
Henry Pharaoni Centre France France
Arthur Donzé Centre Switzerland Switzerland
Julien Colas Flanker France France
Keiran Collis Fullback England England
Pierre-Jean Croux Wing France France
Francesco De Lorenzo Prop Italy Italy
Loïc Dentan Wing Switzerland Switzerland
Hugo Dentan Wing Switzerland Switzerland
William Dome Prop Kenya Kenya
Christophe Roux Centre France France
Eric Lamoureux Flanker France France
Yves Theuninck Lock Belgium Belgium
Axel Goudet Wing Switzerland Switzerland
Guillaume Graf Lock Switzerland Switzerland
Mouslim Ennaji Wing Switzerland Switzerland
Aurélien Falquet Lock Switzerland Switzerland
Antoine Fanost Wing France France
Simon Fournier Flanker France France
Rafael Fürbringer Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Andre Pharaony Lock France France
Orlando Gazzurra Lock Italy Italy
Baptiste Novello Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Justin Parker Number 8 England England
Stelio Parmigiani Lock Italy Italy
Emmanuel Parriaux Prop Switzerland Switzerland
Kilian Pesenti Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Simon Pfefferlé Lock Switzerland Switzerland
Christophe Rafie Prop Switzerland Switzerland
Antoine Renaud-Goud Flanker Switzerland Switzerland
Robert Riederer Hooker Switzerland Switzerland
Lois Roberts Centre Ireland Ireland
Peter Robinson Centre England England
Adriano Roggeri Lock Italy Italy
Isaac Rosat Wing Switzerland Switzerland
Maxime Savard Flanker Canada Canada
Harry Tickle Lock Switzerland Switzerland
Christophe Tran Fullback France France
Bruno Trivelli Hooker Switzerland Switzerland
Vinothan Vickramasingam Prop Switzerland Switzerland
David Asthon-Davies Scrum-half England England
Basile Bonadeo Wing France France
Jeremy Foster Fly-half Switzerland Switzerland
Ben Harries Fly-half England England
Florian Hinnen Lock France France
Nick Hyett Centre England England
Adrien Waeber Fullback Switzerland Switzerland
Yohan Vieille Prop France France


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