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Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow

Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow is a German locality within the Berlin borough of Pankow. Until 2001 it was part of the former Weißensee borough; the history of this locality is related to the neighboring quarter of Malchow. The Siedlung was a civil parish of it, Malchow an autonomous Prussian municipality of Brandenburg. In 1920 they were merged into Berlin by the "Greater Berlin Act". From 1936 to 1939 the northern area of the locality was used as a sewage farm. Located in the north-western suburb of Berlin, Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow borders with the Brandenburger municipality of Ahrensfelde, in the district of Barnim; the Berliner localities bordering with the Siedlung are Karow, Heinersdorf, Weißensee and, in Lichtenberg borough, Neu-Hohenschönhausen and Wartenberg. The locality is crossed in the north by the Außenring railway line, but is not served by any station. A big project planned for the S-Bahn in 2015 would extend the S75 line on the Außenring from the end station of Wartenberg to Karow.

A station serving both Malchows, although hypothesized, is still not scheduled on the plan. A road crossing the southern side of the residential area, Malchower Chaussee, is part of the B2, the German longest federal highway. Media related to Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow at Wikimedia Commons


"Unpleasantville" is the twelfth episode of the first season of The CW television series, The Vampire Diaries and the twelfth episode of the series overall. It aired on January 28, 2010; the episode was directed by Liz Friedlander. Stefan gives Elena jewelries filled with vervain that he made for her and friends to protect them. At the same time, the doorbell rings, Jeremy opens a delivery guy is at the door, he calls Elena to pay him. As the delivery guy walks away, he pulls his hoodie back on revealing that he is the vampire Elena hit with her car. Damon looks for their dad's journal when Stefan gets in and tries to find out why Damon wanted to go to Atlanta, he asks him what Bree told him but Damon will not tell. Stefan gives him their dad journal trying once again to find out what Damon's after, he tells him that he'll help him to free Damon declines his offer. Jeremy gets an A for his history paper while Alaric tries to see if Jeremy believes in the stories about vampires, he asks if he could read the source Jeremy used, the journal, Jeremy gives it to him.

Elena asks about her relationship with Matt. Caroline feels awkward and tells her that they are just friends but Elena reassures her that she is fine if she wants to date him. Meanwhile, Matt gets a job at the Grill as a busboy and Damon approaches Bonnie trying to make amends since he is gonna need her for his plan. Bonnie warns him to stay away from her and the bartender Ben comes to help her get rid of Damon. Meanwhile, Elena gets a phone call from a stranger. Elena realizes when she spots him across the street she drives away, she informs Stefan about the phone call and Stefan gives her the Gilbert watch explaining her how it works. Anna finds Jeremy at the Grill and he thanks her for her help regarding his history paper. Anna keeps talking about vampires but Jeremy still does not believe in the stories and tries to get away. Anna tries to ask him out but Jeremy leaves for the school dance, she goes to the school dance herself and finds him, asking him for Jonathan's journal. Jeremy says that he lent it to Alaric, something that makes her face change.

Jeremy notices she walks away. At the Gilbert house, Elena asks the truth about her adoption. Jenna tells her that her parents helped a pregnant teenage girl to give birth but she disappeared, her parents were trying for a long time for a baby and they decided to keep her as their own. Her father made all the necessary paper work and when Elena asks if she knows anything more about her birth mother, Jenna says only her name. While Elena is getting ready for the dance, the watch is activated meaning. Elena calls Stefan immediately. Damon answers letting her know that Stefan is on his way but he forgot his cell. Elena calms down thinking that the watch was activated because of Stefan but she gets attacked by Noah. Stefan saves her with Noah running away. Damon joins Elena trying to find out what Noah wanted. Damon suggests to use Elena as a bait at the dance to find him. Elena agrees and they all leave for the dance. Elena catches up with Bonnie and Caroline and the two girls leave the dance because they are not having fun and go to the Grill.

At the Grill, Bonnie approaches Ben asking him out. Caroline tries to do the same with Matt but he is upset with her regarding something she said to Bonnie earlier and he overheard it. Caroline apologizes but Matt tells her that he does not know if he got over Elena yet and, why he does not want to ruin what the two of them have at the moment, their friendship. Caroline says he did and leaves. Matt follows her with his car, he stops her and he kisses her. Back at the dance and Stefan keep dancing while Alaric approaches Damon and introduces himself, he starts asking questions until Damon gets suspicious and Alaric backs off. In the meantime, Noah got into the dance and Anna spies him, they seem to know each other while she warns him to stay away from Elena since she is not Katherine and the Salvatores are with her. Noah continues his hunt for Elena. Anna tells him that she did not get the journal yet but she knows where it is. Elena spots Noah and tells Stefan who goes after him but Stefan is following the wrong guy since Noah gave his hoodie to a teenage boy.

He runs back to her. Meanwhile, Noah calls Elena and asks her to exit through the side door, otherwise he will kill Jeremy, so Elena follows his instructions, she Noah catches up to her in the cafeteria. The two of them struggle and the moment he is about to bite her and Damon arrive. Noah tries to escape but Stefan stakes him in the gut to make him suffer but not kill him, while he starts asking him what he wants. Noah explains that he is after Elena because he looks like Katherine and Damon and Stefan are surprised to know they were not the only ones Katherine played with, they do not remember Noah but he remembers them and he gives them information that they need the "Grimoire" to get into the tomb. They can find more info in Jonathan Gilbert's journal, they ask him who he is working with but he will not tell, so Stefan kills him. Anna watches the whole scene between the brothers and Noah but sh

Bedevilled (1955 film)

Bedevilled is a 1955 crime film directed by Mitchell Leisen. It stars Steve Forrest. Gregory Fitzgerald and his friend Tony are leaving New York to fly to France, where they will study for the priesthood. On the plane, French fashion designer Francesca flirts with the handsome Greg, unaware of his vocation, gives him her phone number. Greg goes to see Father du Rochet, leaving behind Tony, feeling ill from the flight, he ends up sharing a taxi with an American woman named Monica Johnson, who drops a St. Christopher's medal, he follows her into a club, where it turns out Monica is a singer. In her dressing room, Greg arrives, he is shocked to hear Monica using him as an alibi. Monica runs into an alley, where Greg fights off a man who tries to grab her. Monica flees from three men who knock Greg cold. Tony is concerned by Greg's disappearance and calls Francesca, wondering if she's heard from him. Greg is told by the concierge that Monica has been in touch, he goes to Napoleon's tomb to meet her. Monica says she witnessed the murder of a man and is now being pursued by men who work for the criminal responsible, Trevelle.

As they find a place to hide, Monica makes a romantic advance toward Greg. She learns from Tony that they are in France to join a seminary. Francesca is willing to help, she takes Greg to meet Trevelle; the story he is told is that the murdered man was Trevelle's brother, romantically involved with the American woman. At a church where Du Rochet is saying Mass, a confrontation turns up the truth, Monica's admission that she shot Michael when he tried to break up with her, she leaves and is shot in the street, where Greg assists her in reciting the Act of Contrition in which she expresses sorrow for her sins and is a sign that she is saved from eternal damnation. Anne Baxter as Monica Johnson Steve Forrest as Gregory Fitzgerald Simone Renant as Francesca Maurice Teynac as Trevelle Robert Christopher as Tony Lugacetti Joseph Tomelty as Father Cunningham Victor Francen as Father Du Rocher Raymond Bussières as Concierge Jacques Hilling as Taxi Driver Olivier Hussenot as Remy Hotel Manager According to MGM records the film earned $525,000 in the US and Canada and $522,000 elsewhere resulting in a loss of $518,000.

List of American films of 1955 Bedevilled on IMDb Bedevilled at AllMovie Bedevilled at the TCM Movie Database

Ernest C. Jenner

Ernest Comstock Jenner was a Seattle newspaper artist and engraver. He was part of the Seattle Cartoonists' Club which produced illustrations and caricatures of Seattle's rich and powerful men, he was one of eight artists that did artwork in the 1906 book Cartoons and Caricatures of Seattle Citizens. Four of the men, Calver and Hager all took on a similar project in 1911, as members of the Seattle Cartoonists' Club in a book called The Cartoon. Ernest Jenner was born in Healdsburg, California to Charles K. Jenner and Cornelia E. Comstock Jenner, his father moved the family to the Seattle area when Ernest was young. Charles K. Jenner became a lawyer in Seattle. Ernest was one of six surviving children. After his mother died, his father remarried Clara I. Hough Jenner, there were three more children, he went to college in Seattle and was listed as student in Polk's Seattle Directory, 1891-1892. In 1893 he began to be listed as a lithographer in the city directory. By 1894 he was an "artist". By 1900, he worked that way through the 1910 census.

He switched jobs to become an engraver, in the same building as the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. On his 1917-1918 draft card, he said he was a commercial artist for Western Engraving, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Building, he called himself a commercial artist for an engraving company on the 1920 census. He retired in 1929, becoming a farmer, he married Bertha Crockett and they had two children, Robinson C. and Elizabeth C. Jenner. Bertha outlived him, dying in 1965, he died June 26, 1946. Cartoons and Caricatures of Seattle Citizens Online text The Cartoon. Online text These censuses confirm much of the data above, they weren't used in the article, but anyone looking at Jenner or his family may find them useful. Washington State and Territorial Censuses, 1880, King County, page 81, lines 26–32. Accessed through Washington State and Territorial Censuses, 1881, King County, page 79, lines 7-13. Accessed through

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Álvarez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Álvarez, billed as "The One", was a boxing light middleweight championship superfight; the bout was held on September 14, 2013, in the MGM Grand Garden Arena, at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, United States, on Showtime PPV. Mayweather received $41.5 million for this fight before taking into account pay-per-view sales. The fight was won by Mayweather in a 12-round majority decision in front of a sold out crowd of 16,746. Judge C. J. Ross scored the fight 114 -- a draw. Judge Dave Moretti had it 116–112, Craig Metcalfe scored it 117–111. Judge Ross retired after this fight. ^ Note 1 For WBC & The Ring light middleweight titles. ^ Note 2 For WBC & The Ring light welterweight titles. ^Note 3 For IBF junior middleweight title. 1The GMA News TV telecast ceased commercial operations due to high airtime cost with live coverage via satellite feed of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Álvarez, part of GMA News TV ceased broadcasting operations due to the network's "disappointing" development.

The GMA Network management announced that GMA News TV would sign-off on December 31, 2013. Official website Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Álvarez Official Fight Card from BoxRec Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Álvarez on Showtime Golden Boy Promotions Mayweather Promotions

Medical geology

Medical geology is an emerging interdisciplinary scientific field studying the relationship between natural geological factors and their effects on human and animal health. The Commission on Geological Sciences for Environmental Planning defines medical geology as, "The science dealing with the influence of ordinary environmental factors on the geographical distribution of health problems in man and animals." In its broadest sense, medical geology studies exposure to or deficiency of trace elements and minerals. Many have deemed medical geology as a new field. Hippocrates and Aristotle first recognized the relationship between human diseases and the earth's elements. Only now are people becoming aware of the effects; this field depends on a number of different fields coming and working together to solve some of the earth's mysteries. The scientific term for this field is "hydrobiogeochemoepidemiopathoecology" however it is more known as medical geology, it was established in 1990 by the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Paracelsus, the father of pharmacology stated that, "All substances are poisons, there is none, not a poison. The right dosage differentiates a poison and a remedy." This passage sums up the idea of medical geology perfectly. The goal of this field is to find the right balance and intake of elements/ minerals in order to improve and maintain health. Examples of research in medical geology include: Studies on the impact of contaminant mobility as a result of extreme weather events such as flooding. Lead and other heavy metal exposure resulting from dust and other particulates Asbestos exposure such as amphibole asbestos dusts in Libby, Montana Fungal infection resulting from airborne dust, such as Valley Fever or coccidioidomycosisRecently a new concept of geomedical engineering has been introduced in medical geology through a paper titled "Geomedical Engineering: A new and captivating prospect", it provides the fundamentals of engineering applications to the medical geology issues. It is known that the state of our environment affects us in many ways.

Minerals and rocks are going to have some impact on human and animal populations because, what the earth is composed of. Medical geology brings professionals from both the medicine field and the geology field to help us understand this relationship. There are two priorities that have been established within the medical geology field, " the study of trace elements their bioavailability and a need to establish baseline, or background levels of contaminants/ xenobiotics/ harmful but occurring materials in water, air and animal tissue." The elements and minerals in the land effect people and animals immensely when there is a close relationship between the two. Those who depend on the land are faced with one of two problems. First, those who live in places such as Maputaland, South Africa are exposed to impoverished soils which result in a number of diseases caused by mineral imbalances. Secondly, those in areas such as India and Bangladesh are exposed to an excess of elements in the land resulting in mineral toxicity.

All living organisms do of course need some occurring elements however most can be detrimental to health. There is a direct link between health and the earth because all humans ingest and breath in these chemicals and for the most part it is done unknowingly. There are many ways in which humans come into contact with the earth's elements and below are only a few ways in which we become exposed to them. Volcanoes are one of the main sources that bring all the toxicity from inside the earth to the outside, they bring out chemicals such as. Rocks are one of the leading sources in exposure to these elements. "They are the source of all the occurring chemical elements found on the earth." One of the biggest geochemical diseases is iodine deficiency. Thirty percent of the world is at risk for it and insufficient intake is the most common cause of mental retardation and brain damage; the sea is a major source of iodine and those who are further from it are at a disadvantage. Another source of it is in soil, however goitrogens such as humus and clay trap the iodine making it hard for people to access it.

Some cultures consume the earth's minerals by eating soil and clay. It is most common in the tropics among pregnant women; the Ottomac people of South America engage in this practice and none have suffered from any health problems related with mineral/ Iodine deficiency. Cardiovascular disease has been linked to water hardness as the main cause. Water hardness means; some research has discredited this evidence, has found that the more magnesium in the water the less chance of death cardiovascular disease. Natural radiation is found everywhere; the largest amount of radiation comes from radon. Certain places are called'high background radiation areas', such as Guarapari, Southwest of France, parts of China, Kerala Coast. People living in these areas however have not shown any health deficiencies and in some cases are healthier and live longer than those not in HBRAs. Among the problems presented there are issues with fluoride in Africa and India, arsenic in Argentina, T