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Stanley So (traditional Chinese: 蘇凌峰; simplified Chinese: 苏凌峰; pinyin: Sū Língfēng; Jyutping: sou1 ling4fung1) is a Cantonese-speaking television journalist in Canada. He began his broadcasting career in Hong Kong before moving to Toronto, and served in various capacities at Omni Television until his retirement in 2012.[1]

After graduating from the Sir Robert Black College of Education,[2] Stanley So joined Hong Kong's Commercial Television in 1975 as a news reporter and anchor, he joined TVB News in 1978 following the demise of Commercial Television,[2] and regularly presented the station's flagship News at 6:30. Stanley was rated as one of the top three most trusted and popular news anchor in the 80s and 90s, even 5 years after his departure from TVB news.

So left TVB in 1990 and moved to Toronto, he served as the news director for Fairchild TV's Toronto division for a few years, before joining CFMT-TV (now Omni) in 1998 as the anchor and senior editor of the station's Cantonese newscast, as well as the station's public affairs officer.[2] He has also presented a number of documentary segments at Omni.2, and hosted the Cantonese version of CBC's Canada: A People's History. Concurrent with Omni's introduction of national newscasts, he became the chief anchor of Omni News: Cantonese National Edition in 2011, and served in that position until his final newscast on July 26, 2012.[3]

He is involved in volunteer works in the community and is the vice-chair of the board of directors of "Across U-hub", a youth organization serving the Chinese community as well as the other ethnic groups, he is married to Helen Lau with two daughters.

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  • Susan Ip - So's previous co-anchor on Omni.2


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