Star Lite Motel

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Star Lite Motel
Star Lite in Winter
Star Lite Motel
Former names Charley's Motel
Alternative names Starlite Motel
General information
Type Motel
Address 900 Center Ave E
Town or city Dilworth, Minnesota

United States

Coordinates: 46°52′37″N 96°41′28″W / 46.87694°N 96.69111°W / 46.87694; -96.69111
Owner William Donovan

Star Lite Motel is a historic motel in Dilworth, Minnesota. It is one of the oldest buildings in Dilworth, and it is the oldest motel in Clay County. Earlier it was known as Charley's Motel.[1] A previous owner created the neon sign that is regarded as the motel's most noteworthy feature.[1][2]


Trees in front of the Motel. Neon sign can be seen in the background.

The motel is 'L' shaped, colored in blue, with a specific 1950's motel architecture style, while a red colored neon sign can be found on the end of the building by the road. The neon sign's architectural style was recognized as valuable by numerous 1950's motel historians and passersby.[3][4] Now, the motel is a blue painted, single story edifice, surrounded by a large parking lot and empty fields.


A previous owner, Vivian Tang, bought the Star Lite (formerly Charley's Motel) building, in 1959, and operated it until the current owner, William Donovan bought it.[5]

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