Starvation State Park

Fred Hayes State Park at Starvation is a state park in northeastern Utah, United States, featuring the 3,495-acre Starvation Reservoir. The park is 4 miles northwest of the town of Utah; the 3,500-acre Starvation Reservoir is open year-round, is popular for fishing and boating. It lies at an elevation of 5,712 feet. Established in 1972, the marina features a 54-unit RV campground along with developed and primitive camping, rental cabins, boat ramp and dock, a sand beach, showers, a group-use pavilion, sewage disposal, fish cleaning stations. Primitive camping is allowed in designated areas around the perimeter of the reservoir for a fee. OHVs are only allowed at Knight Hollow Campground. County owned. There are various narratives explaining the name "Starvation"; the most credible story was recounted by Orson Mott. In 1900 A. M. Murdock of Heber city, approached Major Myton of the Uintah Indian reservation to purchase grazing permits for his cattle, he was given grazing permits in the upper Strawberry river area.

Dave Murdock, brother of Al Murdock had secured a contract to provide beef to the Ute tribe at Fort Duchesne. In the fall of 1904 they brought the herd out of the high grazing areas and made it to the river bottoms, now covered by Starvation reservoir. Heavy snows stranded the herd. With no feed the entire herd died. Dave Murdock named the area "Starvation Flats" from this experience. Another account describes a group of fur trappers stranded in harsh winter conditions who survived by stealing a local Native American cache of food, which resulted in their starvation. Another account tells the opposite story, with the Indians doing the stealing and the trappers starving. A third story involves a local rancher who attempted to graze livestock in the area, they all starved, yet another explanation for the name involves settlers in the early 1900s trying to survive along the banks of the Strawberry River, in the area now occupied by the reservoir. These settlers dealt with near-starvation in a hostile environment.

Winters in the area are long and cold, their livestock died. The area's short growing season was hindered by floods, early frost and other problems; these settlers could have nicknamed the area Starvation. The Starvation Dam is a 3,070-foot-long earthfill dam; the reservoir is fed by the Strawberry River in the Uinta Basin, is part of the Central Utah Project – Bonneville Unit. It was constructed in 1970. Official Starvation State Park website

Catherine Isaac

Catherine Isaac is a past president of the New Zealand political party ACT, managing director of Awaroa Partners. She was director of JM Communications. Isaac was raised in Christchurch and completed a BA in English and Languages at the University of Canterbury in 1970, she is the niece of Diana Isaac. Isaac was communications and public affairs manager for the National Provident Fund through its extensive restructuring from 1988 to 1991. In the 18 month lead-up to the completion of the NPF tender process Isaac was General Manager, Regional Operations, responsible for management of six regional offices and five branch offices. Isaac was a member of the Board of the Wellington Community Trust from 1999 to 2003, she was a founding director of the St Lukes' Group from 1993 to 1996. From 1990 to 1994 she was a Trustee of the Royal New Zealand Ballet. From 1995 to 2001 she served on the Board of Trustees of Wellington College. Isaac was elected President of ACT New Zealand in March 2001, her bid for the presidency was support by the founders of Sir Roger Douglas and Derek Quigley.

A key feature of her presidency was the Liberal Project, designed to focus the party on its classical liberal roots. However her moves to get the party more focussed on liberal issues were unsuccessful, in the 2002 election the party repeated its conservative positions which it had used in 1999. Isaac was one of a handful of people that Richard Prebble confided in prior to announcing to the ACT caucus on 27 April 2004 that he intended to retire as leader of the party. Isaac oversaw the membership primary; that the party ran to assist in selecting a new leader. Rodney Hide was selected following the primary, and a caucus vote.. Isaac announced publicly in January 2006 that she would not be standing for re-election as party president, she stepped down at the March 2006 annual conference and was replaced by Hamilton businessman Garry Mallett. Isaac stood for parliament in the 2011 election, she was ranked second on ACT's party list, but did not stand as an electorate candidate because of her husband's illness.

Because of ACT's low vote-share, she was not elected to Parliament. Isaac has been involved in a number of National Government's initiatives, including the Welfare Working Group, the Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua Working Group, she was Chair of the Kura Hourua Authorisation Board. However, after the Fifth Labour Government was elected, the Board resigned in protest at the end of their term on 1 March 2018 because the Government was abolishing the Partnership Schools model, she is divorced from diplomat Hugo Judd. She subsequently married former Business Roundtable director Roger Kerr in 2010, who died in 2011. Awaroa Partners

Pillaiyarkuppam, Bahour

Pillaiyarkuppam is a village in Bahour Commune of Bahour taluk in the Union Territory of Puducherry, India. It lies 2 km east of NH-45A. Pillaiyarkuppam is bordered by Kudiyiruppupalayam in the west, Kirumampakkam in the north, Bay of Bengal in east and Manappattu in the south. Pillaiyarkuppam is connected to Puducherry by Narambai road which branches off at the 51th km. of NH-45A. Pannithittu-Pudukuppam road passes through Pillaiyarkuppam. Following are the list of villages under Pillaiyarkuppam Village Panchayat. Pillaiyarkuppam Kandanpet Narambai Valluvarmedu Zest Big Beach, A Mahindra group Company is located at Pillaiyarkuppam beach, it provides variety of adventurous activities. Pillaiyarkuppam is a part of Embalam which comes under Puducherry Official website of the Government of the Union Territory of Puducherry