Station Park (Farmington, Utah)

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Station Park
Station Park Logo.svg
Location Farmington, Utah, United States
Coordinates 40°59′07″N 111°54′25″W / 40.9853°N 111.9069°W / 40.9853; -111.9069Coordinates: 40°59′07″N 111°54′25″W / 40.9853°N 111.9069°W / 40.9853; -111.9069
Address 140 N Union Ave.
Developer Centercal Properties LLC
No. of stores and services 99
Station Park fountain
Skating at Station Park

Station Park is a TOD (transit-oriented development) located in Farmington, Utah, United States. It borders the Farmington frontrunner station. Centercal Properties developed and currently maintains Station Park. Amenities include a fountain that is synchronized to music and lights,[1] an ice skating rink and a Cinemark theatre.


Haws Companies began to buy land for Station Park in 1996. Then they worked with Farmington city from 2000-2006 to develop the land before selling it to CenterCal properties in 2007. Development of Station Park began in 2008.[2] In 2013 Haws Companies filed a lawsuit against Farmington city citing discrimination against Haws Companies and failure to follow through on previous agreements.[3][4] In 2014 Haws Companies dropped the suit against Farmington city.[5] Station Park opened in 2011. [6]


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