Statue of Queen Victoria, Weymouth

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Queen Victoria Statue
Queen Victoria's Statue and St.John's Church, Weymouth (25423236260).jpg
ArtistGeorge Blackall Simonds
TypeBronze figure with Portland stone podium

Queen Victoria Statue is a statue of Queen Victoria, located at Weymouth, Dorset, England. Designed by George Blackall Simonds,[1] the statue was erected to commemorate the Queen's reign, it features a life-size bronze figure of the Queen on a podium made from Portland stone by Messrs. Singer, of Frome;[2] the Mayor of Weymouth, Mr. John Bagg, organised the collection of funds for the statue, which was unveiled by Princess Henry of Battenberg on October 20 1902.[3][1]

The statue has been a Grade II listed monument since 1997. Historic England recorded that the statue was in a "good position at the north entry to the town, but is less favourably placed than the corresponding King's Statue at the south end of the Esplanade".[3] Plans for the statue's restoration were announced in 2007 and carried out in 2009 by Osirion Building Conservation.[4][5]

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Coordinates: 50°37′07″N 2°27′03″W / 50.6187°N 2.4507°W / 50.6187; -2.4507