Ste. Genevieve Limestone

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Ste. Genevieve Limestone
Stratigraphic range: Mississippian Sub-period
TypeGeological formation
Unit ofBlue River Group
UnderliesAux Vases Sandstone and Paoli Limestone
OverliesSt. Louis Limestone[1]
Thicknessup to 85 feet (30 m)[2]
OtherSandstone, chert[2]
RegionMissouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana
CountryUnited States
Type section
Named forSte. Genevieve, Missouri[1]
Named byShumard
Year defined1859

The Ste. Genevieve Limestone is a geologic formation named for Ste. Genevieve, Missouri where it is exposed and was first described. It is a thick-bedded limestone that overlies the St. Louis Limestone. Both are Mississippian in age. The St. Louis Limestone is Meramecian and the Ste. Genevieve is the base of the Chesterian series.[1]

It is a primary producer in the Illinois Basin and has produced commercial oil and gas in Warren County, Kentucky.[citation needed]

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