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Stege Marsh, also known as the South Richmond Marshes,[1] is a tidal marshland wetlands area in Richmond, California in western Contra Costa County.[2]


The marsh is the delta at the mouth of Baxter or Stege Creek, which drains from a watershed extending into the Berkeley Hills in El Cerrito; the marsh is opposite Meeker Slough from where Meeker Slough Creek drains into Campus Bay, which is a part of the Richmond Inner Harbor of the San Francisco Bay.

The site was polluted by a UC Berkeley Field Station and a Zeneca sulfuric acid manufacturing center. Restoration is underway;[2] the marsh is so polluted that the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Water Quality Control Board named it a "toxic hot spot" and one of the "top 10 most polluted" sites in the Bay Area in 1998.[3] The contamination includes dangerous levels of toxic chemicals and organic compounds such as Arsenic, mercury, and PCBs.[3]


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Baxter Creek and Stege Marsh

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