Steinheim crater

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Steinheim Crater
Relief Map
Shatter cone from the Steinheim Basin (type locality), Germany

The Steinheim crater is a meteorite crater in Steinheim am Albuch, Heidenheim County, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.[1] The crater is located at the northeastern end of the Swabian Alb near the much larger (24 km diameter) Nördlinger Ries crater and was most probably formed simultaneously with it by the oblique, ENE directed impact of a double asteroid,[2][3] and which may have produced several craters.[4]

It is 3.8 km in diameter and the age is estimated to be 15 ± 1 million years (Miocene). The crater is exposed at the surface.

Panoramic view of the Steinheim basin.


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Coordinates: 48°41′12″N 10°03′54″E / 48.68667°N 10.06500°E / 48.68667; 10.06500