Stem (ship)

The stem is the most forward part of a boat or ship's bow and is an extension of the keel itself. It is found on wooden boats or ships, but not exclusively; the stem is the curved edge stretching from the keel up to the gunwale of the boat. It is part of the physical structure of a wooden boat or ship that gives it strength at the critical section of the structure, bringing together the port and starboard side planks of the hull. There are two styles of stems: plumb and raked; when the stem comes up from the water, if it is perpendicular to the waterline it is "plumb". If it is inclined at an angle to the waterline it is "raked"; because the stem is sturdy, the top end of it may have something attached, either ornamental or functional in nature. On smaller vessels, this might be a simple wood cleat. On large wooden ships, figureheads can be attached to the upper end of the stem. Beakhead Bow Deadwood Prow V-hull Steward, Robert. Camden, Maine. ISBN 0-87742-236-2

2009–10 in Cape Verdean football

In the 2009–10 season of competitive football in Cape Verde: The 3rd Cape Verdean Cup took place that year. Brava Island Cup and Super Cup held their first editions Taça da Ilha do Maio or Taça Djarmai and the Super-Taça da Ilha do Maio or Super-Taça Djarmai was established March 13: Juventude da Furna football club established in Brava Sporting Clube da Boa Vista won their only title for Boa Vista SC Morabeza won their 5th and recent title for Brava Botafogo FC won their 17th and recent title for Fogo Barreirense won their 2nd and recent title for Maio Académico do Aeroporto won their 10th title for Sal Scorpion Vermelho won their 3rd title for Santiago North Sporting Clube da Praia won their title for Santiago South Solpontense won their 4th and recent title for Santo Antão North Marítimo do Porto Novo won their 2nd and recent title for Santo Antão South Desportivo Ribeira Brava won their 4th and recent title for São Nicolau Batuque FC won their 3rd title for São Vicente Académica do Sal won their second and recent cup title for Sal May 8: 2010 Cape Verdean Football Championships began May 15: Sporting Praia defeated Ribeira Brava 2-7 and made it the highest scoring match and the largest goal difference until May 30 May 30: Boavista defeated Solpontense 7-1 which made it the season's highest scoring match June 5: Regular season ends June 20: Knockout stage begins July 3: Championship finals begins July 11: Boavista FC won their 3rd and recent national championship title Batuque and Académico do Aeroporto were first in each group, second place Group A club Boavista advanced with 8 points and second place Group B club Sporting Praia advanced with 11 points and scored the most with 16 goals, Boavista was second with 15 goals.

Sporting advanced to the finals with 2 goals scored while Boavista advanced with a goal scored away in the second match. Boavista defeated Sporting 2-0 in the first match and 0-1 in the final match and Boavista went to win their 3rd and recent title. Leading goalscorer: Fufura - 5 goals The third Cape Verdean Cup took place. Boavista Praia won their 2nd and recent cup title after being winner in the final round after defeating in two matches with the most goals scored. Sport Sal Rei Club, winner of the Boa Vista Island Cup Botafogo, winner of the Fogo Island Cup Barreirense, winner of the Maio Island Cup Juventude, winner of the Sal Island Cup No participant from the Santiago North Zone Boavista Praia, winner of the Santiago South Zone Cup Solpontense, winner of the Santo Antão North Cup Marítimo Porto Novo, winner of the Santo Antão South Cup Talho, winner of the São Nicolau Cup Batuque, winner of the São Vicente Cup The September/October transfer window runs from the end of the previous season in September up to October.

Aires Marques from CS Mindelense to Sertanense F. C. Babanco from Boavista Praia to Arouca Caló from al-Shamaal Qatar to SC Santa Maria Figo from Amabox Barcelona Tarrafal to Sporting Clube da Praia Rambé from CS Mindelense to Macedo de Cavaleiros Rody from SC Santa Maria to FC Porto Sténio from Académica do Mindelo to CS Mindelense Tom Tavares from Sporting Praia to Anadia 2009 in Cape Verde 2010 in Cape Verde Timeline of Cape Verdean football

Dave Spence

Dave Spence is an American corporate executive and politician. He was the Republican nominee for governor of Missouri in the 2012 election, losing the general election to incumbent Democrat Jay Nixon. Spence was born in Overland in Missouri, he spent much of his childhood in the St. Louis area with two sisters. Following graduation from Kirkwood High School, Spence earned a degree in Home Economics from the University of Missouri in Columbia. In 1985, the 26-year-old Spence purchased a small plastics firm. Under his ownership it expanded from 15 to 800 employees. Spence has a family background in the plastics industry, his father had started a rubber and plastics business. Spence has served as Chairman of Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging. Spence and wife, married in 1990 and are the parents of four children. In November 2011, Spence announced his intention to run for Governor of Missouri regardless of whether Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder decided to run. Kinder endorsed Spence for governor.

Spence, who has never held elected office before, has said: "Well one thing I would do is bring a fresh approach to everything. I am willing to jump in there and work my tail off, I think it can be done. It’s a good point in my life and I feel the urgency to do something, I can’t sleep at night knowing that I can make a difference and rally the troops and get the state turned around if I had the opportunity and said no."Spence's campaign website asserted that he held a degree in economics, a statement made on at least one campaign flier, which incorrectly stated that he had gone to the university's business school. His degree is in home economics. After the inaccuracy was revealed and publicly criticized in January 2012, he corrected his website. Regarding the errors, Spence told the Associated Press "I have said all along that I will not or do not lie... A lot of this is overblown, as I was not aware of any place that said business school... I will take responsibility for this. I did not catch the mistake on early campaign literature."

Spence's campaign manager cited a staff oversight for the error. On August 7, 2012 Dave Spence won the Republican party nomination for Missouri governor, he received 333,578 votes to outpace nearest challenger Bill Randles' 90,651. Spence was defeated by incumbent Democrat Jay Nixon in the November 2012 general election. In his contest against Nixon, Spence had the support of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum political action committee