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Stephenson is a medieval patronymic surname meaning "son of Stephen". The earliest public record is found in the county of Huntingdonshire in 1279. There are variant spellings including Stevenson. People with the surname include: Benjamin Stephenson, several people Ben Stephenson, Anglo-American television executive Charles Bruce Stephenson, American astronomer D. C. Stephenson, American, Ku Klux Klan leader Debra Stephenson, British actress Dwight Stephenson, American football player Earl Stephenson, American baseball pitcher Gene Stephenson, American college baseball coach George Stephenson, British mechanical engineer who created Stephenson's Rocket George Robert Stephenson, English civil engineer Gilbert Stephenson, British Vice Admiral Gordon Stephenson, town planner and architect in Perth, Australia Helga Stephenson, Canadian media executive Henry Stephenson, British actor Isaac Stephenson, U. S. politician from Wisconsin Jim Stephenson, New Zealand international football goalkeeper John Stephenson, people named John Stephenson Lance Stephenson, American professional basketball player M. F. Stephenson, U.

S. assayer of the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint Neal Stephenson, U. S. author Nicola Stephenson, British actress Pamela Stephenson, New Zealand-Australian comedian and psychologist known as Pamela Connolly Paul Stephenson, former British footballer. Paul Stephenson, British civil rights campaigner. Sir Paul Stephenson, former London Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Paul Stephenson, Australian professional rugby league footballer. Riggs Stephenson, U. S. baseball player Robert Stephenson, British civil and railway engineer Samuel M. Stephenson, U. S. politician from Michigan Sean Stephenson, American therapist and speaker Thomas Alan Stephenson, British zoologist Tyler Stephenson, American baseball player William Stephenson, Canadian soldier, businessman and spymaster William Stephenson and physicist Stevenson Steffensen Stinson Justice Stephenson


Blindern is the main campus of the University of Oslo, located in Nordre Aker in Oslo, Norway. Most of the departments of the University of Oslo are located at Blindern; the central building is Georg Sverdrup's house. Other buildings of note are the social studies building. Though the construction of a university campus at Blindern was decided on as early as 1921, the first buildings were not ready for use before 1931. Only in 1960 was Upper Blindern, the area most associate with the University today, finished. UiO today has 32,000 students; the campus is named after the old farm Blindern from Norse Blindarvin. The first element is the genitive of an old name of the brook, the last element is vin f'meadow'; the word Blind is derived from the fact that parts of the brook were hidden to see since the brook had a deep course. Blindern was ancient farmland. In the 18th and 19th century the owners were among the progressive farmers who employed modern methods of agriculture, sold refrigerated milk to the city.

Halvor Blinderen was a pioneering farm owner and was among the first farmer to grow potatoes in Norway. In the 1850s parts of the Blindern farm were made the vicarage of Vestre Aker parish. Among the parsons was poet and folklorist Jørgen Moe, buried at the churchyard

Die Harald Schmidt Show

Die Harald Schmidt Show was a German late night talk show hosted on Sky Deutschland by comedian Harald Schmidt. The show first aired from 5 December 1995 to 23 December 2003 on Sat.1. Schmidt moved his show to Das Erste as Harald Schmidt and Schmidt & Pocher, but he returned to Sat.1 on 13 September 2011. After cancellation on Sat.1, the show continued on Sky Deutschland in September 2012. Schmidt retired from television in 2014. Peter Rütten Manuel Andrack Suzana Novinščak Nathalie Licard Ralf Kabelka Katrin Bauerfeind The house band is led by Helmut Zerlett Helmut Zerlett – keyboards Axel Heilhecker - guitars Rosko Gee - bass Antoine Fillon - drums Jürgen Dahmen - piano Thomas Heberer - trumpets Mel Collins - saxophone The first incarnation of the show aired from 5 December 1995 in the Tuesday-Saturday 11:15 pm time slot; the shows from Tuesday to Friday were live on tape, the Saturday shows were live. Over time, the Saturday shows were phased out. From 30 June 2003 until the end of its first run on 23 December 2003, it aired Monday shows.

Schmidt moved to Das Erste with his band leader Helmut Zerlett, but without his sidekick Manuel Andrack. Schmidt moved back to Sat.1 beginning from 13 September 2011, hosting two shows a week every Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:15 pm. Sat.1 canceled the show after one season due to low viewer levels. Since 4 September 2012 new episodes are shown on Sky Hits HD and Sky Atlantic HD, two channels of the German Pay-TV network Sky Deutschland; the format of the show is similar to American late night talk shows, with a monologue in the beginning, followed by comedy skits, a musical guest. Schmidt was criticized for multiple usage of Polish jokes in his show. In his interview, Schmidt stated, he mentioned that nobody makes much fuss about jokes involving Germans. However, when he became aware of the reception, he stopped using these kinds of jokes. Official site

Philadelphia Art Alliance

The Philadelphia Art Alliance is a multidisciplinary arts center located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. It is the oldest multidisciplinary arts center in the United States for visual and performing arts. Founded in 1915 by theater aficionado and philanthropist Christine Wetherill Stevenson, the institution hosts art exhibits and music workshops, poetry readings, lectures and recitals; the Alliance is housed in the historic Wetherill mansion, designed and constructed in 1906 by Charles Klauder. The building was listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places on April 28, 1970, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Rittenhouse National Register Historic District. Official website

...If I Ever Fall in Love

... If I Ever Fall in Love is the debut album of American R&B group Shai, released December 22, 1992, on MCA Records, it was produced by group members Darnell Van Rensalier. The album produced three hit singles, "If I Ever Fall in Love", "Comforter", "Baby I'm Yours". On January 13, 1994... If I Ever Fall in Love was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, for shipments of two million copies in the United States. Although it performed well commercially, the album received mixed reviews from music critics. Rolling Stone gave the album three-and-a-half out of five stars and complimented its "crisp, precise harmonies that imply explosive vocal power but display few pyrotechnics", adding that "Shai joins the spiritual yearnings of Take Six with the secular pull of Boyz II Men". David Browne of Entertainment Weekly found its hip hop and new jack swing-oriented songs "fussy unconvincing", but praised the group's crooning and stated, "They wrap their voices like a thick shag carpet around the choruses of the album's languorous, starry-eyed ballads".

However, in his consumer guide for The Village Voice, critic Robert Christgau gave the album a B- rating and named it "dud of the month", indicating "a bad record whose details merit further thought". Christgau found the group's singing "indifferent" and panned them as having "no class and no sense of humor. There's not a winning wink on the entire album". In a retrospective review, Allmusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave it two-and-a-half out of five stars and stated, "Apart from the gorgeous title track, most of the material on... If I Ever Fall in Love is underdeveloped. Credits for... If I Ever Fall in Love adapted from Allmusic. Bill AppleberryKeyboards Paul Brown – Engineer, Mixing Jeff Carruthers – Programming Mario Castellanos – Photography Jim Ebert – Mixing James Elliott – Production Coordination Marc Gay – Keyboards, Producer Eric Greedy – Assistant Engineer Steve Hall – Mastering Kevin Levi – Saxophone Carl "Groove" Martin – Keyboards, Programming Ken Schubert – Engineer Darnell VanRensalier – Drum Programming, Producer Cyndra Williams – Make-Up If I Ever Fall In Love - September 10, 1992 Comforter - January 19, 1993 Baby I'm Yours - May 11, 1993 Together Forever - November 2, 1993 Cassette – December 22, 1992, MCA Vinyl – December 29, 1992, MCA Europe CD – January 26, 1993, Universal Cassette – March 10, 1993, MCA UK CD – March 24, 1997, Universal Japan CD – December 2, 2003, Victor...

If I Ever Fall in Love at Discogs

Boris (TV series)

Boris is an Italian television series produced from 2007 to 2010 by Wilder for Fox International Channels Italy. Boris brings to the stage the behind the scenes of a television set where a troupe is shooting Gli occhi del cuore 2, a satirical portrait of the many fictions airing on the Italian TV networks; the series consists of 3 seasons and a movie for the cinema, Boris: The Film, released in 2011. The series was aired in premiere vision in Italy by the satellite channels FOX and FX, subsequently on Cielo and Rai 3. From February 26 the three seasons were inserted into the Netflix catalog. Both the series and the movie are available on digital platforms; the show starts with Alessandro arriving on the set where the TV show Gli occhi del cuore 2 is being shot as the new intern of direction. As soon as he arrives, he finds out that the world of the television is not like what he had imagined. In command of the crew there's René Ferretti, a director who gave up on quality content and shoots fictions of poor level.

In addition to the members of the crew there are the actors and Corinna, who are the protagonists of the fiction. Through Alessandro we see the making of the fiction, with its various problems and unexpected events and always at risk of being shot down. Main characters Boris, René's lucky charm goldish. Federer, René's lucky charm goldish. Alessandro, played by Alessandro Tiberi as the direction's intern. Renato "René" Ferretti, played by Francesco Pannofino as the director. Arianna Dell'Arti, played by Caterina Guzzanti as the first assistant director. Stanis La Rochelle, played by Pietro Sermonti as the protagonist actor of Gli Occhi del cuore. Corinna Negri, played by Carolina Crescentini as the protagonist actress of Gli Occhi del Cuore. Itala, played by Roberta Fiorentini as the script supervisor. Gloria Spalloni, played by Ilaria Stivali as the makeup artist. Duccio Patanè, played by Ninni Bruschetta as the director of photography. Augusto Biascica, played by Paolo Calabresi as the chief electrician.

Diego Lopez, played by Antonio Catania as the delegate of network. Sergio Vannucci, played by Alberto Di Stasio as the production manager. Lorenzo, played by Carlo De Ruggieri as the photography intern. Alfredo, played by Luca Amorosino as the assistant director; the screenwriters, played by Valerio Aprea, Massimo De Lorenzo and Andrea Sartoretti. Cristina Avola Burkstaller, played by Eugenia Costantini as the actress of the fiction Gli Occhi del cuore. Karin, played by Karin Proia as the actress of the fiction Gli Occhi del cuore. Fabiana Hassler, René's daughter, played by Angelica Leo as the actress of Medical Dimension. Secondary characters and guest stars Dottor Cane, the President of the Network, played by Arnaldo Ninchi. Orlando Serpentieri, actor of Gli occhi del cuore, played by Roberto Herlitzka. Nando Martellone and actor of Gli occhi del cuore and Medical Dimension, played by Massimiliano Bruno. Mario La Rochelle, Stanis' father and aspiring actor of Gli Occhi del cuore, played by Sergio Fiorentini.

Verena, actress of Gli occhi del cuore, played by Luisa Ranieri. Elena, girlfriend of Alessandro, played by Margot Sikabonyi. Albino Corradi and friend of René, played by Giorgio Tirabassi. Mariano Giusti, actor of Gli occhi del cuore, played by Corrado Guzzanti. Father Gabrielli, shady priest and agent of Mariano, played by Corrado Guzzanti. Presenters of the reality "La casa senza bagno", played by Trio Medusa. Jasmine, actress of Medical Dimension, played by Valentina Lodovini. Bruno Staffa, medical consultant for Medical Dimension, played by Filippo Timi. Valerio, actor of Medical Dimension, played by Marco Giallini. Alessandro Mannarino, actor of Medical Dimension as a nurse. Jane Alexander, spectator at the Rome Fiction Fest. Laura Morante, housewife. Sergio Brio as himself, actor of Medical Dimension. Paolo Sorrentino as himself. Boris: The Film List of Italian television series Official Site Boris on IMDb