Steve Asheim

Steve Asheim is an American drummer and primary songwriter for the death metal band Deicide. Asheim endorses Pearl, Vater, Axis and is known to collect guns, which can be seen in Deicide's DVD When London Burns. Asheim plays guitar on the album Till Death Do Us Part. On November 20, 2007, Asheim joined the St. Petersburg, Florida-based death/black metal band Order of Ennead as their drummer. Asheim was born in Freehold, New Jersey and is of Norwegian descent through his grandparents who were from Stavanger, his first instrument was the trumpet, but after a few months, he started playing self-taught drums at age 11 and began to play in small bands at 13. He did his first demo in a studio of one of his school teachers in New Jersey. In that period, he developed his interest in extreme drumming, he left his former bandmates because they wanted to play Mötley Crüe, while he was interested in playing Metallica and Slayer. In 1985, he joined "Carnage," where he met Eric and Brian Hoffman. "Carnage" covered Slayer, Celtic Frost and Dark Angel songs.

After Carnage disbanded in 1986, Asheim and the Hoffman brothers started writing the early "Amon" songs. In 1987, they started demoing, they changed the band name to Deicide. Asheim was inspired by bands such as Metallica, Dark Angel and Sodom. and his main drumming influences include Peter Criss, Clive Burr, Buddy Rich, Lars Ulrich and Dave Lombardo. Asheim plays lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar and piano, he listens to classical piano to derive a better idea of what is possible in constructing songs and music. On 25 January 2007, when making a trip to a bank in Innsbruck, Austria to make a deposit from Deicide merchandise sales, Asheim was arrested on suspicion of connection with a recent bank robbery. Staff were perplexed by his appearance and attire, as well as the fact he was handling money marked in red dye. Detained by police in the local station, he explained the banknotes were legitimate proceeds from touring, that he had a leaky pen in his pocket, responsible for the money's discoloration.

He was released without further charge. List of drummers

Marvel Superheroes: What the--?!

Marvel SuperHeroes: What The--?! is Marvel Comics' self-parody stop-motion animated web-series. The series used superhero action figures to create the stop motion animation; the series began in 2009. There's No Business Like Snow Business Red Carpet M. O. D. O. K; the Problem With Pirates San Diego or Bust! ___ Grumpy Old Man Logan Thriller-er Twi Harder 99 Hulk Balloons M. O. D. O. K. Holiday Special Deadpool FYC Iron Mania 2010 The Hero Your Hero Could Smell Like X-Men vs. Vampires: Bite Me ____ A Very Merry Spidey Day Captain America vs. Iron Man: The Big Game! 127 Seconds MODOK Makes A Meme! X-Men: The True Early Years! ____ Strange Halloween Tales of Suspense to Astonish! Howard the Duck's Silver Anniversary! The Amazing Spider-Date Obnoxio The Clown Returns!! The Age Of ULTRON Ep. 27 San Diego Comic Con 2013 Special Holiday Special with Iron Man & Deadpool Deadpool Vs. The Punisher Go Undercover with Captain America in Marvel Super Heroes The Inferior Spider-Man Daredevil Vs. She-Hulk Thanos Returns to Comic-Con Catchphrase Workshop Avengers & X-Men: AXIS 2014 Halloween Spooktacular Holiday Spectacular 2014 Ultron's Master Plan Happy Valentine's Day?

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U.S. National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence

The U. S. National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence was formed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in Executive Order 11412 on June 10, 1968, after the assassinations of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy; the National Violence Commission established task forces on assassination, group violence, individual acts of violence, law enforcement and violence, violence in American history. As reported by John Herbers in the New York Times, the Chairman of the Commission, Milton Eisenhower, stated that the Task Force Report on Individual Acts of Violence was "by all odds the most important" of the reports written for the Commission; the National Violence Commission was formed only a few months after release of the final report of the Kerner Commission, which assessed the big city protests of the 1960s. In its final report in December 1969, the Violence Commission, as the Kerner Commission, concluded that the most important policy issue was lack of employment and educational opportunity in inner city neighborhoods.

The Commission framed lack of inner city opportunity within a larger American economy that prized material success and within a tradition of violence that the media transmitted well:In one of its most important final report passages, the National Violence Commission observed: To be a young, poor male. To be a Negro, Mexican or Puerto Rican American and subject to discrimination and segregation adds to the pull of these other criminogenic forces; the Violence Commission recommended new investments in jobs and education – totaling $20B per year in 1968 dollars. A long run "reordering of national priorities" was in order, said the Violence Commission, which shared the Kerner Commission’s moral vision that there could be no higher claim on the nation’s conscience. A majority of the members of the National Violence Commission, including both Republicans and Democrats, recommended confiscation of most handguns, restrictions on new handgun ownership to those who could demonstrate reasonable need, identification of rifle and shotgun owners.

"When in man's long history other great civilizations fell", concluded the Violence Commission, "it was less from external assault than from internal decay…The greatness and durability of most civilizations has been determined by how they have responded to these challenges from within. Ours will be no exception." In 1981, the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation was formed as the private sector continuation of both the National Violence Commission and Kerner Commission. Founding and other early Eisenhower Foundation Trustees included: A. Leon Higginbotham, former Vice Chair of the National Violence Commission and federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge. Katzenbach, former Chairman of the 1966 President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice and former Attorney General of the United States. Mindful of the findings of the two Commissions, the Trustees of the Foundation focused on the inner city; as it evolved, the Foundation’s mission was to identify, replicate, communicate, advocate for and scale up politically feasible multiple solution inner city ventures.

The priority was on wraparound and evidence based strategies that worked for the inner city and high risk racial minority youth. Over the decades, examples of evidence-based inner city Eisenhower Foundation successes have included the Quantum Opportunities Program, the Youth Safe Haven-Police Ministation Program, the Argus Learning for Living Program and Full Service Community Schools; the Eisenhower Foundation has released two updates of the National Violence Commission, as well as updates of the Kerner Riot Commission. Eisenhower Foundation President Alan Curtis edited the Foundation’s 15 year update of the Violence Commission, published by Yale University Press in 1985. Curtis and Eisenhower Foundation Trustee Elliott Currie, Professor of Criminology and Society at the University of California, Irvine, co-authored the Foundation’s 30 year update in 1999; the 1985 National Violence Commission update was featured on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and