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Steven Strauss
Alma materYale University, PhD
OccupationAcademic, OpEd Columnist, Executive
Known forEconomic Development, Public Sector Management, Public Policy

Steven Strauss is an American business person, public sector executive, OpEd columnist and academic. He is currently the John L. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs & Co Visiting Professor at Princeton University,[1] a position he has held since 2014. The John L. Weinberg/Goldman Sachs Professorships were endowed in honor of John L. Weinberg and support bringing distinguished visitors in the areas of public policy to the university. Previously Strauss was on the faculty of the Harvard Kennedy School.[2] For 2012–2013 Strauss was a Fellow at the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative.[3] Prior to this role, Strauss served as a managing director of the New York City Economic Development Corporation under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.[4]

Strauss received his PhD in Management from Yale University in 2002, after which he joined McKinsey & Company.[5] In 2008 Strauss was recruited by the Bloomberg administration to oversee a review of NYC's economic development strategy, and based on Strauss's recommendations Mayor Bloomberg decided to focus on growing knowledge-based industries,[6] the most prominent initiative from this work was the Applied Sciences NYC project, which resulted in the NYC Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island and New York University creating the Center for Urban Science and Progress.[7] Strauss was Mayor Bloomberg's representative on the panels that judged New York City's Next Idea Business Plan Competition,[8] NYC BigApps,[9] and New York City Venture Fellows.[10]

Strauss has been quoted, interviewed or cited on politics, public policy and economic development (particularly around technology and the digital economy) by Bloomberg Radio,[11] The New York Times,[12] the NY Observer,[13] The Guardian,[14] Fareed Zakaria,[15] CBS News,[16] Canadian Broadcasting Company,[17][18] Mother Jones (magazine),[19] Carl Quintanilla/CNBC,[20] CNBC Power Lunch,[21] Safe Havens: Gun Free Zones in America (Documentary),[22] the Aspen Institute[23] and other prominent organizations. In February 2016, in a panel discussion with Sasha Issenberg moderated by the Canadian journalist Anna Maria Tremonti (at about the 2-minute 10-second mark[24]), Strauss estimated that Trump had about a 60%[25] chance of winning the GOP nomination. His academic writings have been cited in peer reviewed journals such as Marketing Science and Management Science, where his work on cross-market network externalities has been cited as being seminal.[26][27][28]

Strauss is the organizer and host of the Princeton University annual conference on Management in the Public Sector, which has been attended by Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo, Jennifer Raab, Katherine Oliver, Esther Dyson,[29] Jerry Hultin, Feniosky Pena-Mora and other comparable leaders.[30][31][32]

Strauss is a regular OpEd contributor at the LA Times,[33][34][35][36] USA Today,[37][38] The New York Daily News,[39] Huffington Post,[40] and other publications.[41]

Selected bibliography[edit]

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Selected honors and awards[edit]

  • Silicon Alley 100, 2010[42]
  • Institute for Study of Business Markets, 1999 Doctoral Support Award Competition Winner[43]


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