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Sthlm ("Stockholm") is a Swedish 6-part TV series from 2008, written and directed by Håkan Lindhé.

Part 1 (Johan)[edit]

Plot: Johan has trouble with his mentally ill mother who thinks she is a member of the royalty. He tries to get free from her, which turns out not to be easy.

Part 2 (Farouk)[edit]

Plot: Farouk is a bored taxi driver, but when a pregnant woman has to be taken to a hospital, he has greater responsibility than a taxi driver normally should, as the woman is mentally ill and wants to get rid of her new-born baby.

Part 3 (Adam)[edit]

Plot: Adam is a nine-year-old lonely child with rather irresponsible parents. When his father fetches him from school on a Friday afternoon he has alternative plans for the weekend: to travel on a luxury boat with his friend and party, and Adam is coming with him.