Stony Brook (Millstone River tributary)

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Stony Brook
Stony Brook (NJ) map.jpg
Map of Stony Brook
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ coordinates40°24′22″N 74°51′26″W / 40.40611°N 74.85722°W / 40.40611; -74.85722
 ⁃ coordinates
40°20′3″N 74°39′9″W / 40.33417°N 74.65250°W / 40.33417; -74.65250Coordinates: 40°20′3″N 74°39′9″W / 40.33417°N 74.65250°W / 40.33417; -74.65250
 ⁃ elevation
49 ft (15 m)
Basin features
ProgressionMillstone River, Raritan River, Atlantic Ocean
 ⁃ leftHoney Branch
 ⁃ rightBaldwins Creek, Duck Pond Run, Lewis Brook, Peters Brook, Stony Brook Branch, Woodsville Brook

Stony Brook, also known as Stoney Brook,[1] is a tributary of the Millstone River in Hunterdon and Mercer counties, New Jersey, in the United States.[2]


View up the Stony Brook from within the Stony Brook–Millstone Watershed Association's nature reserve in Hopewell Township

Stony Brook starts at 40°24′22″N 74°51′26″W / 40.40611°N 74.85722°W / 40.40611; -74.85722,[1] just south of Ringoes. It flows south through the Amwell Lake Wildlife Management Area, it flows southeast, flowing parallel to Route 31 while it receives Peters Brook and Woodsville Brook. It receives a tributary from Sourland Mountain, and crosses Pennington-Hopewell Road, it flows through the Hopewell Valley Country Club and the Stony Brook–Millstone Watershed Association's nature reserve, and then receives the Stony Brook Branch. From there, it flows between Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Baldwin State Wildlife Management Area, receiving Baldwins Creek, it then flows through Kunkel Park and receives Lewis Brook. It then turns east, flowing through Old Mill Road County Park and Rosedale Park, where it receives Honey Branch, it then flows through a mountainous area with several large meanders, and turns south near Coventry Farm Park. It flows through Princeton Open Space Acquisition and then crosses Route 206, it then flows parallel to Quaker Road (CR-533) until it reaches the Delaware and Raritan Canal, where it turns northeast. It then receives Duck Pond Run from under the canal, crosses Alexander Street, and drains into the Millstone River at 40°20′3″N 74°39′9″W / 40.33417°N 74.65250°W / 40.33417; -74.65250,[1] just east of Princeton.


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