Stratonice (wife of Antigonus)

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Stratonice (Ancient Greek: Στρατoνίκη, romanizedStratoníkē; fl. 4th century BC) was daughter of Corrhaeus (Κορῥαῖος, Korrhaĩos, a Macedonian otherwise unknown), and wife of Antigonus, king of Asia, by whom she became the mother of two sons, Demetrius Poliorcetes and Philip, who died in 306 BC.[1] In 316 BC she is mentioned as entering into negotiations with Docimus, when that general was shut up with the other adherents of Perdiccas, in a fortress of Phrygia: but having induced him to quit his stronghold, she caused him to be seized and detained as a prisoner.[2] After the battle of Ipsus she fled from Cilicia (where she had awaited the issue of the campaign) with her son Demetrius to Salamis in Cyprus, 301 BC.[3] Here she probably died, as nothing is mentioned of her when the island fell into the power of Ptolemy some years afterwards.


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