Structure of the Japanese Army in Mengjiang

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Structure of the Japanese Army in Mengjiang.

Commanders of the Japanese Mongolian Garrison[edit]

Chief of Staff Japanese Mongolian Garrison Army[edit]

Japanese Official Advisers in Mengjiang Government[edit]

  • Kanji Tsuneoka:- Japanese adviser, represented the real power in the local administration. Founder and Director of Kalgan Central Academy
  • Toyonori Yamauchi:- advisor on a mission to "inherit the great spirit of Genghis Khan and retake the territories that belong to Mongolia, completing the grand task of reviving the prosperity of the nationality".

Commanders and Officers in regular Armies, Japanese Mongolian Army[edit]

Japanese Armored Division in Mongolia[edit]

3rd Tank Division[edit]

Nicknamed "Taki" (Water Fall), it was formed in June 1942 in Mengjiang; it ended the war in China.

  • Tank Regiments:
    • 8th Tank Regiment
    • 12th Tank Regiment
    • 13th Tank Regiment
    • 17th Tank Regiment