Subdivisions of Gran Colombia

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Republic of Gran Colombia was a former independent country in northern South America, a post-Spanish colonial country that existed from 1819 to 1831. Its initial subdivisions, created in 1820, were revised and expanded in 1824.

1820 Departments[edit]

Gran Colombia departments in 1820.

The initial country subdivision of Gran Colombia was into three departments, without larger districts or smaller provinces. They were:

1824 Districts, departments, & provinces[edit]

Gran Colombia departments in 1824.

Distrito del Norte[edit]

The Distrito del Norte (northern district) was in present-day Venezuela and parts of Guyana and Brazil. Its departments and provinces were:

Distrito del Centro[edit]

The Distrito del Centro (central district) was in present-day Colombia and Panamá. Its departments and provinces were:

Distrito del Sur[edit]

The Distrito del Sur (southern district) was in present-day Ecuador, and north of Marañón River in present-day Perú. Its departments and provinces were:

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