Suburbia Highschool

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Suburbia High School
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Publication information
Publisher Germany Delfinium Prints
Format Ongoing series
Genre Action, Comedy
No. of issues 3
Creative team
Written by David Füleki

Suburbia Highschool (also known as Sub High) is a German comic written and illustrated by David Füleki and first published by Delfinium Prints in 2008.


The humorous Story follows Lizney Maypole, a teenage student whose biggest problems are a mysterious boyfriend and a robot as her math teacher.


  • Lizney Maypole is a young blond girl attending Suburbia High school. She is very bad at Maths and thinks that her teacher is a robot.
  • Peach is Lizney's boyfriend and attends the same highs chool as her. He eats a lot of peaches along with their pips and seems to keep a dark secret.
  • Pitch is a mysterious boy who seems to be Peach's evil twin. His sinister plans include stealing Suburbia High school's cryptic class book of dark arts.
  • Mr. TX 523 is Lizney's teacher in mathematics. He doesn't like wrong answers and makes this very clear to his students. Although it's obvious that he's not a human being, Lizney is the only person seeing him as a robot.

Released chapters[edit]

  • Chapter 1: Willkommen an der Suburbia Highschool
  • Chapter 2: Bad Hair Day
  • Chapter 3: Leckere Menschenbabys

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