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Sui Wo Court
Blocks of Sui Wo Court
Garden inside Sui Wo Court
Sui Wo Court Commercial Centre
Sui Wo Court Bus Terminal

Sui Wo Court (Chinese: 穗禾苑) is one of the first estates under Home Ownership Scheme. It is located in Fo Tan, Sha Tin District, Hong Kong.

Built in 1980, it is located on a mountain above Wo Che and east of central Fo Tan, northwest of Sha Tin; the court was designed by Palmer and Turner[1][2] and received a Silver Medal at the 1981 Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards.[3] The scenery of Sha Tin and Tolo Harbour is visible from the estate.


Completed in 1980, it offers 3,501 flats for sale, it consists of 9 blocks of non-standard type:

  • Block A - Fung Yue House
  • Block B - Fung Yat House
  • Block C - Fung Lin House
  • Block D - Hing Wan House
  • Block E - Hing Sing House
  • Block F - Hing On House
  • Block G - Wing Mau House
  • Block H - Wing Cheung House
  • Block J - Wing Hing House

Floor area of Flats ranged from 43 – 65 m2 with saleable area between 38 – 57 m2, its initial sale price was between 100,200 and 252,700 Hong Kong dollars.


The estate has its own bus terminus beside the commercial centre; the government is also considering building an escalator link between Sui Wo Court and Fo Tan Station.[4]

Bus routes[edit]

  • 80M (KMB) - Sui Wo Court <-> Kowloon Tong MTR
  • 81K (KMB) - Sui Wo Court <-> Sun Tin Wai
  • 280X (KMB) - Sui Wo Court <-> Tsim Sha Tsui East
  • 801S (Minibus) <-> Yiu On Estate (via Sunshine City)
  • 811 (Minibus) <-> Yu Chui Court (via Prince of Wales Hospital)
  • 811A (Minibus) <-> Yu Chui Court
  • 69K (Minibus) <-> Sha Tin MTR Station

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