Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman

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Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman, often referred to as "Abu'l-Mawahib" ("father of gifts"), ruled the island of Kilwa Kisiwani, in present-day Tanzania, from 1310 until 1333.

Al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman was a member of the Mahdali dynasty, and oversaw a period of great prosperity in his capital city of Kilwa, he built the extensive Palace of Husuni Kubwa outside of the city and added a significant extension to the Great Mosque of Kilwa. This building activity seems to have been inspired by the Sultan's pilgrimage to Mecca, whose great buildings he wished to emulate; in 1331 the traveller Ibn Battuta visited the court of the sultan and described the Sultan's great generosity, whence stemmed the appellation "father of gifts."

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