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Sun Remarketing logo.

Sun Remarketing was a retail company, located in Cache Valley, Utah, that specialized in reselling old Apple Computer software and hardware, including Apple II and Apple Macintosh parts such as motherboards and peripherals. The company also sold Apple's legacy software products such as MacPaint and MacDraw.

In the 1980s, a considerable number of unsold Apple Lisa computers were sold off to Sun Remarketing, while thousands more were destroyed at a landfill in Utah.[1] Sun Remarketing bought the MacWorks XL emulator from Apple in the 1980s to spur sales of the Lisa computers by making them able to run Macintosh applications. Following the introduction of the Macintosh Plus by Apple with its enhanced 128K ROM, many new Macintosh applications no longer worked under MacWorks XL. To clear its remaining inventory, Sun Remarketing took the bold step of underwriting the development of a new emulator called MacWorks Plus which fully supported the 128K ROM on the Lisa hardware, and packaged it together as the Lisa Professional.

Sun Remarketing was also known locally within Cache Valley as one of the first commercial internet service providers in Northern Utah, but did not take advantage of the situation. In 2006, Sun Remarketing was bought out by Cherokee Data, a computer wholesaler. Cherokee Data (of Oklahoma) has since gone out of business and the Sun Remarketing site is no longer accessible.

A second company using the name Cherokee Data Solutions (aka CDS) is unrelated and unaffiliated with either Cherokee Data or Sun Remarketing.


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